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Inner Man & Inner Woman

There is both a male and female aspect within each of us. Our being consists of masculine and feminine energy. They are the negative and positive of human consciousness. These polar opposites have different perspectives and views on life.
When we are over identified with either inner man or woman, the other side remains underdeveloped and unexpressed within our psyche. Outer relationships are a mirror of the communication between our inner male and female side. It reveals to us which side is dominant and which side is submissive.
Our relationships with an outer man or woman are a mirror of our own inner masculine or feminine energy. Any encounter with an outer man or woman, triggers a conscious or unconscious comparison with our inner masculine and feminine. If there is a close vibration to our inner man or woman, we may naturally form a deeper bond. We refer to this as falling inlove on the outer level. On the inner level the underdeveloped energy is seeking a way to strengthen and harmonise with its opposite body of energy.
Relationships are a developmental dance between our inner man and woman. It is a dance between intellect and intuition, between activity and silence, between mind and spirit, between force and receptivity, and between control and surrender. An over-development of the masculine side leads to ego and separation. An over- development of the feminine side leads to dependence and passivity.
Embracing our own inner masculine and feminine allows us to understand the inner drama that happens between our male and female aspects. This plays out for the outer man and woman in close relationships. When we bring understanding to both inner masculine and feminine energy, we come to realise that outer relationships simply mirror the relationship between our inner man and woman. This awareness gives us the opportunity to take conscious responsibility for our choices and take further steps towards spiritual maturity and unity.
The inner man and woman must develop their own independence and integrity. When both the inner man and woman take responsibility and live their own truth, love and compassion naturally flows between them. Healing between our inner man and woman allows love to flow between them. To tap into our own inner source of love, we need to embrace both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. When both aspects are developed and integrated, feelings of love, joy, harmony, creativity and wholeness arise within us.
The inner woman is the capacity to surrender to life. The inner man is the capacity to experience life. Without him she exists not, without her he is unmanifest. Both require each other for the fullest and most rewarding experience in life.
~ Collette OMahony
© 2015

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Observational Presence

Observing the mind is the first step on the path to freedom. Initially this will be a difficult exercise because the habit of interfering in the working of the mind is automatic. It is easy to get swept up in the alacrity of thought patterns. It is essential to stick with the observation process, even when it throws up disturbing and difficult thought patterns, as it is essential in building spiritual strength. Little by little the soul’s trapped energy gets transmuted into pure spirit, or consciousness, through the process of observation. It is useful to point out that the observation process is watching the mentally created self’s thought patterns without trying to defend it, or deny it in any way. Thinking of ‘me, myself or I’ is spiritual energy in the mind, it is energy in motion, or emotion.
The ego, which believes it is ‘me and I’, tries to take over the process of transmuting emotional energy into pure consciousness. This is due to the deep conditioning and identification with the world of form. The fact that form is a result of energy is forgotten by a mind governed by ego. The ego may make several attempts to try and fix itself, in this scenario, the ego splits and the egoic conscience which defines right and wrong, will act as judge over its lower ego.
No ego means no self. It is a state of pure witnessing presence, allowing the mind to be as it is without any hint of interference or need to change that which is, within or without. The spirit at the core of the Being is alert and aware of its true consciousness.

~ Collette OMahony

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Emotional Responsibility

Feelings are a response to an event, person or place around us. If we fail to respond to the event, we leave our energy feedback open to interpretation. We need to emote clearly if we are to let universal power know what allows us to feel joy and what causes us to feel pain. Confusion arises when we suppress our feeling through judgement saying ‘I should or shouldn’t feel this way.’ Feelings are an honest response to any given situation. Response-ability is the key in aligning with universal power.
By trying to make others responsible for our feelings, we negate our response through feelings as inaccurate and untrustworthy. It is imperative to trust your feelings as true guidance. If we believe we have been unfairly treated, we may try to get the other person to take responsibility for their actions. In truth, it is up to us to take responsibility for how we feel about a situation, because it is our emotional reaction that holds the key to our power. It is our emotional response that makes a situation seem right or wrong, thought is just an interpretation of feeling. Feeling the emotion allows you to take responsibility for attracting the situation.
If a person behaves inappropriately, particularly someone we are close to, it can have an adverse effect on us. However many of us fail to connect with the feeling by remaining silent or shrugging it off as no big deal. Refusing to feel an emotion evoked by a person’s behaviour allows them, and others to continue treating you in a manner that is painful for you. Feeling an emotion evoked by those around you links you into the true response ability of universal power. This delivers a very clear message to the universe how you feel in any given situation. When you are clear about how you feel, your energy vibration elevates and attracts helpful situations and people aligned with true expression.
Emotional responsibility is our ability to respond to the world around us.

~Collette OMahony



They had waited for this moment for what seemed like eternity. She stood by the window looking out at the moonless sky, her inner radiance shining as a lunar equivalent. It occurred to him that at any moment she might drift off to join a star constellation. The emotions swelling inside him ebbed and flowed to her lunar tides. Her quiet reflection undid the logic of his mind and he stared blankly at the dark sky beyond her luminous frame.
A thought arose and fell on his lips. With one swift movement she was beside him and placed her finger on his lips. The questions he wanted to ask began to fade… who was she, why she had come… everything disappeared into the abyss. He looked into her eyes. No human face could conceal the mirror of truth. She was him, he was her. They were one. He kissed her forehead and sent out a silent prayer of gratitude for the return of his feminine soul.

~ Collette OMahony

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