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In Quest Of Love by C.O’Mahony

The source of love is where confusion and misunderstanding arises. Looking for love outside of ourselves is the cause of much pain and suffering in the world. Tapping into the source of love within sets you free of the continual cycle of looking for love and clinging to a partner in the hope of fulfilment. Until you resolve your relationship with yourself, you can never be fully in a relationship with another. It is by putting your true self at the centre of your world that you can give up the need to be rescued and achieve full responsibility for your life. When you allow love to be at your centre, it flourishes in you. When love flourishes in you, it flourishes around you.

Love is expressed in relating, but the source of love is not the relationship. The source of love is within. Love grows in deep solitude, in the bliss of simply being.

‘In Quest of Love’ is a powerful pointer in the direction of emotional maturity and fulfilment. It shows the reader how to positively change their life by resetting outdated beliefs held in the subconscious mind.

‘In Quest of Love’ is a manual to make the most out of life, regardless of age, current relationships, status or any other labels that restrict growth and development.

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Emotional Fears

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Resisting feelings of unease causes agitation and anxiety. Suppressing feelings over a sustained period leads to depression and illness. Suppression of feeling occurs when you try to avoid facing your shadow side. This is the unseen, unfelt emotions within you. These emotions constantly play out fearful scenarios in the mind, and attract matching experiences.

To dissolve the darkness, light must be brought in. Set your intention to shine the light of awareness on your shadow side. Once you become aware of your fears and fully acknowledge them, they loosen their grip on your psyche. It is the unseen within us that causes fear. The unfelt emotional past within you is the source of your fear.

Collette O’ Mahony

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Emotions are the mind's  best counselor

Feelings on a low vibration must be released through the body. Waiting for feelings to erupt through egoic stories aggravates the feeling body into anger and aggression. The feeling body is the true counselor for the mind. If a thought is disharmonious with the universe, the feeling body will correspond to that.
We live in the residual outcome of feeling and thought. How we feel and think now determines what we are going to experience in physical reality.
The physical reality that occurs now is the outcome of previous thoughts and feelings. We must accept what is now. We cannot change it. But we can shift our attitude and feeling so that the physical reality we are moving into improves. The more one focuses on feeling good the more good things come. Continue reading

Emotions as guidance

Being a counterfeit version of your true self is ego. The ego attracts a person through thought patterns, rather than genuine feeling, for self gratification. You may temporarily attract the person your ego wants through mental effort and strain; but keeping up a false persona is very difficult to sustain. In effect you are giving out the message that you are not good enough. Projecting a false image because of peer pressure or trying to be what society dictates, ultimately leads to unhappiness and uncertainty about your relationships with others.
If you have a mistrust of the opposite sex stemming from childhood, there may be a tendency to project a false image through ego. This is done to mask low self esteem and a fear of allowing anyone to get too close. The false image is like a suit of armour which shields the real you. Unless you are willing to shed this suit of armour and reveal who you truly are, you cannot attract people into your life who reflect your true nature.
The fear that you are flawed or not good enough prevents you from dropping the armour of false self. However as life progresses it becomes increasingly cumbersome to carry this load. Allow your true self to shine, let the light of awareness reveal the hidden beauty within. Set your intention to be in alignment with Higher Self.

Higher Self makes you feel whole, ego makes you feel fragmented.

Higher Self makes you feel chosen, ego makes you feel rejected.

~ An extract taken from ‘In Quest of Love‘ by Collette OMahony