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Points of reference for enlightened living

• Primary purpose – knowing who I am, the Infinite    Consciousness

• Creative purpose – fulfilling tasks that contributes to unity  consciousness

• Emotional purpose – letting love radiate without concern  for results

• Active purpose – attuning outer mind to inner guidance      and acting according to inner urge

• Collective purpose – bringing spiritual perfection into                                                                   contact with the material plane

Social & Cultural Myths

As we take time to access the truth of who we really are and dispel fear within ourselves, we can start to dissolve the negative patterns in our society. By doing this we can deconstruct the combined ego that has caused so much confusion, suffering and conflict on a global scale. As more and more people tap into their own source of love and channel it into the world, the world will cease to be governed by fear. Instead all of our actions, personally and collectively, will be governed by love.
When you step back and look at the bigger picture, you can see that taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions can benefit the world around you. Your new sense of freedom and self acceptance will inspire those with whom you come into contact. As the people around you begin to take responsibility for their life, they will reach out and inspire even more people. This is how your actions can have a positive knock on effect in the world. Individuals with the most negative mind sets will have to change as the majority of people connect into their own energy source. The exchange of energy between people will be based on love and not fear. Continue reading

To Create a Wonder out of Man

Tears are there to melt away
All the pain of yesterday
They turn the pages of man’s story
Reinstating love’s full glory
Illuminating Life’s great plan
To create a wonder out of Man

Paradise is near at hand
For felon, judge and brigand
But hooded eyes must open wide
And be a witness from inside
There to see what has been done
To nature and our fellow man

Pointing fingers do not serve
And cause an erring soul to swerve
Back to live in darkened hollow
Fear resisting every shadow
Trust in One who knows the way
And leads the soul to light of day

Heaven is just perchance
For those who deal in resistance
Hell believes its own intention
Interference and intervention
Its path is wide and paved in stone
Cut from souls who walk alone

Active self comes at a price
Binding man in seven vice
Wounded heart and unjust law
Corrupt mind and hardened jaw
Shadow brings abuse of power
And man’s solution comes by war

Enlightened Man finds armistice
And pure soul comes to paradise
When at last there comes surrender
One by one each soul will enter
Joy will ring from music lute
In the temple of the Absolute

Poem from book ‘Reflections of Love & Light’ by Collette OMahony

Emotions are the mind's  best counselor

Feelings on a low vibration must be released through the body. Waiting for feelings to erupt through egoic stories aggravates the feeling body into anger and aggression. The feeling body is the true counselor for the mind. If a thought is disharmonious with the universe, the feeling body will correspond to that.
We live in the residual outcome of feeling and thought. How we feel and think now determines what we are going to experience in physical reality.
The physical reality that occurs now is the outcome of previous thoughts and feelings. We must accept what is now. We cannot change it. But we can shift our attitude and feeling so that the physical reality we are moving into improves. The more one focuses on feeling good the more good things come. Continue reading