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Feeling is the heart of the World

A person’s history is the culmination of egoic thought. It is the ego’s identity. A low vibration in the feeling body manifests as thought. Sustained thought becomes egoic self. Ego dictates lifestyle, material wealth, fashion and manipulates emotion to create a separate world. The social history of a soul entity eventually becomes too cumbersome to carry. It is at this point that the egoic loop between thought and feeling begins to unravel. On the outer level it may appear as though the person is having a personal crisis. The fact is that the feeling body can no longer support the dysfunctional ego and seeks a way out from under its oppression.

Once an intention is set to align with the Universe, events are orchestrated to bring feeling energy lost in ego back to unity consciousness. Thoughts are like a cloud dust arising from a stampede, temporarily impairing vision. When the dust settles everything becomes clear again.

Low vibratory energy clings to thought, believing that if it could just get through a difficult situation, the future will hold the answer to its dreams. The wishful future is ‘now’ dispersed through a cloud of dust. It is egoic resistance to accepting what is. The low vibratory energy feeding ego coils up in knots when the solution is rather simple… Feel the pain to return to Love. You cannot see who you truly are until the dust of thought settles.

The world cannot exist without thought.

Thought cannot exist without feeling.

Feeling is the heart of the world.

The world one experiences is governed primarily by feeling and secondly by the thought it attracts. If the world seems unjust and dysfunctional it is a reflection of inner feeling. No amount of thinking so called good thoughts can change that. If you do not face up to how you feel, the ‘world’ your vibration attracts, will continue to create circumstances to release low vibratory energy. Identifying with the mental self, induced from pain, creates a victim mentality. The world exists as a result of your feeling and thought. If your feeling is numb then thought has taken over and the imbalance creates the victim mentality. Reality is falsely perceived through a sleeping consciousness.

The current world you experience has no future or past, only a present, and that present is created primarily by the state of consciousness in the current of now.

~ Collette O’Mahony

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Soul Communion

Men and women who we find attractive often have qualities we wish to emulate. They serve as catalysts for our under developed counterpart energy (masculine or feminine) to expand and grow. A man may find he is drawn to a nurturing, expressive woman who encourages his inner feminine to emote & express his feelings. A woman may find she is attracted by a wise and sensual man who encourages her inner masculine to channel wisdom and embrace her sexuality. It is the quality we admire in others that indicates the part of us that requires expansion and growth.

Each ascending level within us attracts its identical energy frequency that is required for soul expansion. Along the way we manifest reflections of both our empowered and disempowered consciousness. We must be able to continually step up the frequencies in our physical body and hold fast to our intention to align with unity consciousness.
We learn how to increase our capacity to extend love, and also to receive love. We develop our ability to hold a loving space for others when their energy dips into the lower chakras causing desire and expectation. Through compassion and honesty we encourage our counterpart energy to grow and expand to its full potential. Unity consciousness asks us to hold a space for each other as we make the difficult transition from human being to light being. We do not judge another soul when it shows its shadow side, rather we hold firm in our truth knowing it serves the other to raise their energy level.
Soul communion comes from honest communication between two souls. It is a willingness to put soul maturity as a priority. Bringing balance to our inner masculine & feminine energies, and the physical union of counterparts, stirs up a hot house of emotions. It highlights the most blatant expressions of polarity within our psyche. Intention for unity helps to navigate the old conditioned patterns of mind games, projection and avoidance. The unity of masculine & feminine, within the soul, plays out in duality consciousness between man & woman. Life in the physical realm is designed as a meeting and merging of opposite and complementary expressions of energy. We have chosen this human design as a way of knowing ourselves, so that we may return to an awareness of unity in which we love without condition.

~ Collette O’Mahony
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Inner Twin Consciousness

Union between our inner feminine and inner masculine creates a harmony which endures beyond external circumstances. This inner balance is not a fantasy state where we stop engaging in, and nourishing external physical relationships. Rather we bring our inner fulfilment to a relationship. We no longer rely on others for our wholeness. We share this with them and do not place ownership on them. All souls require freedom to grow and be.

Mind is the formless energetic level of masculine energy. Spirit is the formless energetic level of feminine energy. On the super conscious level, masculine is Light and feminine is Love.

When imbalanced, one side will dominate our personality and the other side remains underdeveloped in our psyche. This results from our identification with the human form. As we become aware of our need to balance our twin energies, the under developed side will show up as lovers in our day & night time dreams, and as a result our longings increase. Certain individuals you come in contact with remind you of your under-developed side or inner lover. This under developed side shines through when another person reflects it. When this happens, you feel exhilarated, because it reminds you of your original love. The human vessel is still adapting to channeling high radiant love and it is a challenge to raise it beyond the lower chakras. It is frustrating when love is objectified and there is a need for the physical outer lover to complete us. Our intention to grow as conscious beings is paramount in helping us to discern those who serve as messengers for the inner twin consciousness, from the true twin consciousness in human form. We cannot fully embrace our inner lover or undeveloped side in the psyche until we stop projecting illusion and fantasy onto the outer lovers. When we put our intention to harmonize our twin energy at the core of our being, our inner lover will become clear and manifest outwardly in the appropriate way.

~ Collette OMahony

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Soul Mirror

At the core of our human journey is the relationship between our inner masculine & feminine energies. When our inner masculine & feminine are out of balance, we yearn for wholeness. As long as we have human bodies we must acknowledge the desires of the flesh, however by treating our sexuality with respect we come to realize our outer gender is but half of the whole soul unit. When we identify completely with our physical gender we create a deep longing for the opposite gender manifesting as sexual desire.
As we grow in soul maturity and our consciousness expands, any under developed energy in our psyche tugs at our hearts and minds. This energy will be reflected in a soul mirror, a person who comes into our life in order to raise the frequencies of both souls. A soul mirror can exhilarate and frustrate us. He/she can find knots of energy that have remained dormant for decades, even lifetimes. They enter our life to share information and experiences that enhance our journey and give us the feeling of moving into the wholeness that embraces our soul and frees our consciousness.
It is important to establish clear and honest communication, to honour the others living reality, and to practice patience and kindness. We must remember we are also acting as mirrors for other souls. We need to allow the other to expand and grow into their full potential without judgement or expectation.

~ Collette OMahony