Emotional Responsibility

Feelings are a response to an event, person or place around us. If we fail to respond to the event, we leave our energy feedback open to interpretation. We need to emote clearly if we are to let universal power know what allows us to feel joy and what causes us to feel pain. Confusion arises when we suppress our feeling through judgement saying ‘I should or shouldn’t feel this way.’ Feelings are an honest response to any given situation. Response-ability is the key in aligning with universal power.
By trying to make others responsible for our feelings, we negate our response through feelings as inaccurate and untrustworthy. It is imperative to trust your feelings as true guidance. If we believe we have been unfairly treated, we may try to get the other person to take responsibility for their actions. In truth, it is up to us to take responsibility for how we feel about a situation, because it is our emotional reaction that holds the key to our power. It is our emotional response that makes a situation seem right or wrong, thought is just an interpretation of feeling. Feeling the emotion allows you to take responsibility for attracting the situation.
If a person behaves inappropriately, particularly someone we are close to, it can have an adverse effect on us. However many of us fail to connect with the feeling by remaining silent or shrugging it off as no big deal. Refusing to feel an emotion evoked by a person’s behaviour allows them, and others to continue treating you in a manner that is painful for you. Feeling an emotion evoked by those around you links you into the true response ability of universal power. This delivers a very clear message to the universe how you feel in any given situation. When you are clear about how you feel, your energy vibration elevates and attracts helpful situations and people aligned with true expression.
Emotional responsibility is our ability to respond to the world around us.

~Collette OMahony


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