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The Singularity (Extract from ‘Science of the Soul’)

Science and spirituality are converging to a single point, a Singularity. The term science uses to describe the content of a black hole which appears in the universal field is a Singularity.

White dwarfs are the remains of dying stars, as stars die they compress into extremely dense matter. Neutron stars are even denser and smaller than white dwarfs. They are matter left behind after the death of very big stars. The protons and electrons of the atoms of such stars are crushed together by intense gravitational force and form sub-atomic particles called neutrons. A typical neutron star may be no more than twelve kilometres in diameter but it can still contain as much material as the Sun. If a neutron star’s mass is three times greater than that of the Sun, its shrinkage under gravity continues until the star collapses even further and it becomes so small and dense that nothing, not even light, can escape from its intense gravitational field. This phenomenon is termed a black hole. Science shows that eventually all matter in the universe will behave like the neutron star and that matter will shrink under the gravitational pull of a black hole.
Whatever the mindset, be it scientific or spiritual, both strands are converging at one point, the Singularity.

The behaviour patterns of humanity imitate that of the stars in the universe. A human’s luminosity is the result of energy released by radiance within its core. When this energy is stable it radiates at very high levels and is a perfect replication of the original design. When energy at the core of a human being is unstable it becomes energy in motion, or e-motion. Effectively this energy spreads out into its environs and becomes entangled with other humans until it becomes increasingly reliant on other energy sources to fuel its survival. The core energy of the human becomes more and more unstable as it loses its centeredness. A human’s core energy becomes depleted when it consistently interferes in the energy output of another human being. The energy output of a human comes through thought, word and action. By trying to manipulate the energy output of another person, the core energy of a human becomes compromised as it becomes attached to the other person through the process of manipulation and control. Using core energy for purposes other than its original design leads to instability and dispersal of vital energy. It demonstrates that the energy at the core of the human is out of alignment with its original design and it is trying to formulate a world separate to the totality of the universe.

If all stars behaved in this way, there would be utter chaos in the Milky Way and the rest of the universe. Energy that is not flowing with universal source energy is released into a world where the energies can be brought into balance. The human form is designed for such an eventuality. Human beings are here to learn non-interference and to uphold the original pattern of the universe. All energy expended through thought, word and action that is out of alignment with the original design has to be pulled back into the core of the human. Any feeling that does not reflect light, has to be released. Diffusion is the process of releasing attachment to another person’s energy field. This is experienced in the human as pain and suffering.
In scientific terms, humans are learning to stabilise their core energy and retract any energy entangled with dense matter. This is conservation of energy and allows it to radiate from the centre to attract optimum conditions within the universal field. Humans are learning that energy cannot be used to interfere in the order of the universe.

Collette O’Mahony (From ebook ‘Science of the Soul)


Birth of Consciousness (extract from ‘Science of the Soul’)

There are two strands of thought when seeking answers to the origins of the universe, one is spiritual and the other is scientific. Spiritual thought comes through intuition and reflection. Scientific thought comes from reason and logic. This is universal power meeting universal intelligence on the physical plane.
The latter comes from looking outside, and the former comes from looking within. Inner vision is activated by universal power, and outer vision is activated by universal intelligence.

Harmonising both strands of thought leads to a Singularity and the Intelligence that gave birth to the universe. As spiritual and mental energy harmonise, so too does masculine and feminine energy. Humans are here to experience first-hand what it feels like to be a child of the universe.

Eventually, in several millions of years, the Sun will exhaust the supply of hydrogen at its core, and then the central nuclear furnace will move outwards to layers around the core, in search of new hydrogen fuel. The Sun will begin to expand and increase in brightness; it will become a red giant star. When the temperature and pressure at the centre of the Sun reaches a certain point, it sets off a nuclear chain reaction with helium entering into these reactions. Helium is transformed into carbon, releasing even more energy. Toward the end of the Sun’s life the red hot atmosphere of the Sun will dissolve, leaving the star’s small, dense core exposed as a glowing white dwarf.

In larger stars, those ten times or so heavier than the Sun, nuclear reactions proceed at a speedy rate until the star explodes as a supernova. This is predicted to happen to the red giant star Betelgeuse in the star constellation of Orion. The nuclear holocaust of a supernova explosion forges nature’s heavier elements and scatters them into space, where they mix with existing clouds of hydrogen and helium gas. They are then ready to be collected up into new stars and planetary systems similar to the solar system.

In the birth of a solar system, heavy elements and light elements fuse together to create planets and new life forms. The Sun, the star at the cente of our solar system, allows life to develop on earth. The form or matter of an intelligent species such as humans is made up of elements from star formations. Animating these complex life forms is an intelligence that is superior to anything else in the solar system, and this indefinable essence entangled in dense matter seems to be seeking a way out. It is seeking to evolve to a consciousness that can exist outside of dense matter, and somewhere deep within the core or heart of each being is the blueprint of a star.

The light essence of humans is currently fused as thought matter in the outer mind and is known as the ego or self. This light essence is seeking a way to disentangle from heavier elements that keep it earth bound, and it is using role play in the human form to create an opening into true Reality.

The human form is about to give birth to Reality on a grand scale. Effectively humanity is in the womb of consciousness, to use a spiritual term, and is about to give birth to universal consciousness. In scientific terms, the solar system is a nebula giving birth to higher forms of intelligence that allows Universal power & intelligence, which give birth to the universe, to become aware of its very creation.

Extract from ‘Science of the Soul’ by Collette OMahony


The weeping of the Soul

A chance encounter
On life’s high seas
Washed me up on the shore
Of Love’s outer boundary
The jagged edges of memory
Leaves scars on my skin
You read them like Braille
In the moonless night
Watching my formless past
Disappear like crumpled paper
Into a wastepaper bin
A rainbow of thought
Escapes from my lips
You smile at the sonorous sounds
Inaudible yet clear on my face
You understand the unfinished lines
The patchwork of emotions
Humming quietly between the words
The order of the mind
Braids our lives like golden threads
From the weeping of the soul

Collette OMahony


image: Brooke Shaden Photography

weep for rain

The Beast

The beast is on the prowl tonight

Circling the remains of the day

I see him flash in your eyes

Assessing flesh and limb

He murmurs in accented syllables

Words to conceal his intent

His eyes dart from face to face

Seeking out a fresh scent

He marks his territory

With platitude and flattery

Disemboweling truth and respect

His mark is upon your brow

And you obey the roar of his loins

Then hibernate in a cave of remorse

To digest carnivorous despair

I feel you coiled in anxious pose

Between the navel and the soul

Poised to spring into action

When arrogance opens the door


Summer Storm

Dark clouds move rapidly across the sky

An ominous portent for the oncoming storm

Swallows dart in quick succession

Performing acrobats in a weather circus

Sun scorched leaves swirl to the ground

Branches exercise the flexibility of their range

Now and then the sun beams its way

Pass the white and grey moving patchwork

Revealing an undercoat of pale blue

Books rapidly fan their pages on a garden table

Telling their stories to the easterly wind

Late blooms nod vigorously to the trees

Clipped hedges shift uneasily in their formal attire

New patterns are formed in a whirlpool of greens

Framed by a moving backdrop of beech trees

The thick grey cover unleashes its contents

Crashing down on roof and stone

Deeply penetrating nature’s green cover

Replenishing her seasonal reservoir

Raising new life and fertilising hope


Collette OMahony

image: Zoltan Toth

Zoltan Toth