They had waited for this moment for what seemed like eternity. She stood by the window looking out at the moonless sky, her inner radiance shining as a lunar equivalent. It occurred to him that at any moment she might drift off to join a star constellation. The emotions swelling inside him ebbed and flowed to her lunar tides. Her quiet reflection undid the logic of his mind and he stared blankly at the dark sky beyond her luminous frame.
A thought arose and fell on his lips. With one swift movement she was beside him and placed her finger on his lips. The questions he wanted to ask began to fade… who was she, why she had come… everything disappeared into the abyss. He looked into her eyes. No human face could conceal the mirror of truth. She was him, he was her. They were one. He kissed her forehead and sent out a silent prayer of gratitude for the return of his feminine soul.

~ Collette OMahony

reflected couple

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