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Perfect Manifestation

The perfect manifestation process works in this way; the outer mind receives intuition on the perfect plan, the Light Being adds the radiance of love on receiving the image, and it manifests in the physical realm. The perfect plan is released at intervals when the optimum moment comes, and the Light Being knows this and trusts the process completely. There is no decision making process involved.

This is how the manifestation works in a human being under the duress of its mutated entity; the outer mind receives an image of the perfect plan and the entity intercepts it. The mental part of the entity analyzes and judges the image and reduces it to a mental construct, then through the process of interpretation and conclusion a decision is reached. The emotional part of the entity adds fear or desire to the image. Fear is added if it is judged to be outside the limits of the entity’s safety zone, and desire is added if the entity feels it is something that will enhance its outer image in the physical realm. The image received from the perfect plan is filtered down and reduced to a thought process that must fit in with the entity’s bank of knowledge before it can be accepted. If the idea is outside the entity’s accepted field of knowledge, it is discarded, or in some cases put in another metal concept labelled fantasy or wishful thinking. There is also another concept opposite to fantasy called ‘dread’, this holds the entity’s worst fears of what might happen to it. The greatest fear in this category is one of the biggest taboos for humans; death.

The Light Being knows it is eternal and that life is a continual experience. The human being under the influence of the mutated entity believes he is subject to death. This belief arises from the entity’s control of the outer mind, because it knows when light essence leaves the body, my-story ends. Life never ends, it only changes form. Those attached to form, experience ‘death’. Light Beings experience eternal life.

From ‘Reflection of Love & Light’ A collection of poetry & prose, by Collette OMahony

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girl seagulls



love bw

Love is life
Love is unity
Love is one
Love is purity

Love is true
Love is sublime
Love is now
Love is Divine


Love clears pain
Love clears fear
Love clears doubt
Love clears tears

Love is misread
Love is misused
Love is mistaken
Love is abused

Love needs no thing
Love needs no cry
Love needs no bugle
Love needs no reply

Love never grows cold
Love never grows weary
Love never gets old
Love never gets bleary

Love sees no strangers
Love is never alone
Love sees no dangers
Love is always at Home

Love has no boundaries, turrets or wall
Love has no favourites, welcoming all
Love is no fantasy and needs no parade
Love is no odyssey and needs no charade

Love is freedom out on a wing
Love is not bought by material things
Love is true union before the world came
Love clouded over to cover man’s shame

Love’s sweet surrender shall awaken the mind
Love’s true remembrance, will history unwind
Love shall restore the truth that was lost
Love shall replenish the earth’s human cost

Love in its truth shall cause celebration
Love shall bring the soul’s revelation
Love shall not mourn the passing of time
Love shall erupt through infinity lines

Love is to light, what woman’s to man
Love includes both of them in the plan
Love is the spirit that partners the mind
Love rejoices as true partners entwine

Love is eternal
Love is the Lamb
Love is the kernel
Love is I AM

Poem from ‘REFLECTIONS OF LOVE & LIGHT’ by Collette OMahony

Law of Expression

Bojan Jevtic

The Law of Expression, or feeling law, ensures that a soul reaps what it sows. One has to feel the sensation within the body to comply with cause & effect.
Failing to comply with the Law of Expression leads to an emotional build-up for a soul. Essentially emotional build-up is a feeling mass of energy that has not found an outlet through the physical body. It can also be defined as energy that has failed to feel the effect of a cause.
Emotional build-up becomes pain, as pressure mounts in the body, and eventually operates as fear. Fear uses the human mind as an outlet, and aggressively forces its energy onto the creative substance, creating a separate energy entity known as ‘me’.
The separate entity is generally dissatisfied with things as they are. This is because the emotional build up has turned from feeling sensation to thought. The energy lost in thought looses its connection to the eternal now. The entity now seeks expression through thought and creates a time warp known as past and future. It seeks a replacement for the Cosmic Mind and develops a ‘memory mind’. This cuts the entity off from its complete Self, which it then refers to as a separate Deity. The memory-mind is created in the formative years of a human’s life. It sets the stage for adulthood.
The entity created through fear tends to dwell with dissatisfaction on things as they are. The mind is creative substance, and when the entity continually dwells on discontentment, the entity takes the form of these things. Discontent becomes a form transmitted to the formless, and greed, scarcity and worry will come into the experience of the human.
To clear emotional build up it is essential to feel what effect you have on the world you inhabit. This means feeling what you are inflicting on others, and feeling what others are inflicting upon you. Through unreleased pain we are unconsciously adding to injustice and suffering in the world. Pain causes you to interfere in other people’s lives unnecessarily. It also invites unwanted interference in your life.
It can create a hot-house of emotions in family and social groups causing turbulent relationships. This situation can be diffused by just one of the group being willing to feel the emotional pain rather than allowing it to force its energy on the mind to create destructive thought patterns. Once an individual member of a group begins to feel pain rather than engaging in mind games, other members will begin to feel the ‘absence’ of the role the individual was playing. The role can vary from aggressor to victim, but once the energy feeding the role ceases, the cast of characters weakens. Souls who are eager to grow and mature will quickly see the absurdity of the role they are playing, while those who are deeply attached to the role will suffer greatly and look for something else to justify anger, jealousy, greed and so on.
To mature as souls we must take responsibility for the pain we inflict on others. It also takes real commitment to soul maturity to accept the pain inflicted on us. Most people are conditioned to be ‘nice’ or to look the other way if someone is insulting and rude. But how are the rude and the insolent to realise the effect their behaviour causes if one is unwilling to feel it?

Most people complain about rudeness or react to it with more rudeness but this does nothing to diffuse poor behaviour, it only adds to it. If there is an incident where someone insults you (many insults are disguised by smiles) instead of raging about it to a friend or engaging in mind games with the offender, feel the energy sensation in the body. Feel where the insulting behaviour hurts!

At first it may be hard to access the feeling because of all the raging thoughts toward the person, but see if you can let the thoughts subside and feel the feeling. Feeling the energy, no matter how painful, releases you from any hold the other person may try to exert over you. It also lets the universal one life know where the source of unease and pain is. Through genuine feeling you guide the universe to the pain that binds you to the unhappy situation, and to the cause of pain in others who are aggressively forcing it on the world. The universe can guide the frustrated entity back into alignment with the Totality.

When we engage in mind games and retribution with others, we eliminate the universal Source from resolving the situation. No matter how much thought of being unfairly treated or victimized, the universe cannot help until feeling comes into play.
The feeling may be associated with guilt, aggression, or oppression. It does not matter whether you think you are innocent or guilty, all that matters is you ‘feel’ the energy that fuels the thought pattern. By feeling the energy you are effectively saying ‘I am willing to accept what is’.
In other words you accept that you are the cause, and the feeling is the effect. If every soul could achieve this realization of cause & effect there would be no more pain or suffering. Every soul would return to its highest expression, love.
Thoughts are guided by feeling, shaping the kind of life we experience as humans. We attract thought through the feeling body. We do not create thought. Thought is the gift of freewill. In a way humans have kidnapped thought to force it to do their will. But like all energy that becomes oppressed, the thinking energy grows hostile and brings forward dark images forcing the feeling body into a state of fear and anxiety. It is in this state of fear that the feeling body usually turns to the Creator to ask for help. Help is always at hand from the Supreme Consciousness, and it offers guidance and support to the distressed entity. The feeling energy learns that it cannot manipulate or use force on the thinking body. It begins to see that the thinking body is its twin energy that allows individual and unique expression in the physical realm. The feeling body does not own the thinking body it co-creates with it. Co-creation happens through the vibration of feeling emotions.
When the feeling body expresses fear continually, it experiences dark images and the twin energies co-create a living hell. When the feeling body expresses love on a consistent basis, the mind produces perfect images in response, and co-creates heaven on earth.
Love is the Law of Expression manifest in a human being. Harmonizing with this Law ensures that the individual lives a perfectly happy life here and now.

The Soul in Words

Poetry trailers (duration 2 minutes or less) uniting words, images and music to create an oasis of tranquility for the soul.

YouTube Collette OMahony

You hold me like a favoured book

Pressing my spine with your fingers

Leafing through my pages

Anticipating each phrase

You rest me on your knee

As you ponder their meaning

Feeling me weave

Lyrically through your soul

And when you return to me

You devour me from cover to cover