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Love clears fear (Extract from ‘In Quest of Love’)

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Love clears any obstacles on its path to freedom. Any blocks that prevent you feeling love shall have to surface into consciousness. Any unconscious beliefs that oppose the new reality you are attracting shall begin to present themselves in your awareness.

Issues of self esteem and old limiting thought patterns arise so that they can be felt and cleared to make way for the new reality. Be aware of any avoidance habits that prevent you releasing fear.
Sometimes at this point it can seem that things are actually getting worse rather than getting better. It is easy to fall back into old mind patterns and allow unconscious thoughts and fears to create your reality. Instead of collapsing into the old thought patterns, use an affirmation to help you through it;

Everything is in Divine and perfect order now.

Remember that what you are currently experiencing is only temporary because life is always changing. Confusion comes about when you are moving between the old way of being and the new reality you are attracting into your life experience. Stay focused on the new reality through intention and affirmations.
When fearful thoughts arise, it is your inner guidance revealing to you any beliefs that are blocking the emergence of your new reality. It is in effect saying to you to clear away the old to make way for the new. Be completely open and watch the fears as they arise into the conscious mind. Attach no judgement, guilt or shame to them. Allow the old beliefs to dissolve just by being present to them.

Positive intention (Extract from In Quest of Love)

One way to see deep rooted fears in the mind is to become aware of your reaction to those around you. Look and see what triggers cause you to feel angry or annoyed. What are the behaviour patterns in others that cause you to pull back from a person or try to avoid them completely? It is the traits we recoil from in others that hold the key to unconscious beliefs and fears.
It is also helpful to make a list of the things you like about yourself. If you are at low ebb, you may find it difficult to find anything positive about yourself. Make a list of qualities you wish to extend into the world and then set your intention to bring forth these qualities for everyone to see and enjoy.
The truth is you have all of these positive traits in you already but when you feel bad about yourself, particularly after a relationship breaks down; it can be difficult to appreciate the truly wonderful person that you are.
The need for something or someone to make you complete is at the root of suffering. You can be so fixated on getting what you think you need, you lose your connection to your Higher Self. The mental noise drags you along by setting out a list of rules and plans for your future. You get caught up in the drama of life, of what might or might not happen. Life becomes a stream of continuous questions and mind made scenarios of future probabilities.
Even when you reach a goal or receive something that you want, the mental noise soon replaces the satisfaction with the need for more; or the fear of losing what you have. The enjoyment is quickly replaced by the need for something else you think you need to be happy.
To end this destructive cycle it is very important to find a way to connect to your Higher Self. The intention to overcome this way of thinking is necessary to sever the destructive pattern caused by fear and desire.
Fear and desire are movements of the self centred ego and keep you locked into the illusory belief of being happy in the future. Like all ingrained beliefs, it takes constant practise to break its hold on the psyche. Keep repeating your intention to change and grow as a person.

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Soul to Ego

You speak loudly in my mind
As if you are who I am
With authority and ownership
That sometimes I forget
And you become me
I exhale a sleeping breath
Automatic rising and falling
Unaware of my power
That I breathe you
You scurry fearfully
At this revelation
I breathe you
I breathe you
In this moment of awareness
You cease to exist
I am not your battery
To think in circles
And behave like death
I am life
Fuel for the living
And a dream for the dead

~ Collette OMahony


The Divine Atom

An atom is defined as a basic unit of matter consisting of a central nucleus and surrounded by negatively charged electrons. The atomic nucleus contains a mix of positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons. The electrons of an atom are bound to the nucleus by an electromagnetic force. An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral. Otherwise it is positively or negatively charged and is known as an ion.
The hydrogen atom has one proton (+) and one electron (-). Helium has two protons at its nucleus and two electrons. Slightly more complex is the carbon atom which has six protons and six electrons. Uranium has ninety-two protons and the same number of electrons, and it also has one-hundred-and forty-six neutrons to give it its density. The electron, which is a negative charge, is in orbit around the proton which is a positive charge. The negative charge of the electrons neutralise the positive charge of the protons. All other elements, except for hydrogen, contain neutrons as well as protons in their nucleus.
Neutrons are almost exactly the same weight as protons but they carry no electrical charge. The neutron’s function in the atom is to give additional mass but call for no additional electrons to neutralise it. Electrons are arranged in tidy orbits around the nucleus, similar to how the planets orbit the Sun in the Solar System.
It is the way in which atoms of various elements combine together which give the earth such varied minerals and species. The composition of every substance is made up from atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe.
All things in the universe are a replication of each other on a greater or lesser scale, and the light essence of a human behaves similarly to that of the atom; it needs to be still to receive signals from the one mind that governs the universe.
The Divine atom is the pairing of spirit & mind. Spirit is the negative charge, mind is the positive charge. In human beings the soul atom is feminine & masculine energy. Feminine energy is negatively charged and masculine is positively charged.

The conscious pairing of masculine and feminine energy reveals the truth behind the universe. A true pairing reveals the Creator of the Universe.