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It was already infected when it came our way
but the world gambled and played on at the 
game of life. We were halted in our tracks,
leaving muddy footprints on the elderly, the 
vulnerable, the carers and the poor.
We come out of this year knowing that 
all lives matter, and that there isn’t just one 
deadly virus but many and unfortunately, 
there is no vaccine for prejudice, ignorance 
and fear. For these afflictions, we must inject 
ourselves with tolerance, hope, and love.
May forgiveness and unity be the gifts we 
give each other this holiday season.

Fountain of Experience

Masculine and feminine energy are the fountain of experience. Keep focus on inner masculine and it will strengthen. Focusing on the story of the outer man strengthens the ego. The feminine becomes unstable when her energy is given to the male ego, love turns into fear and the other shadow signals. This is also true when the masculine focuses on the story of the outer woman. He in turn strengthens the female ego. The union of inner feminine and masculine allows true Reality to emerge and this is where love flows freely. The inner masculine emerges through the perfect human channel when it is in harmony with the feminine. The outer form is the result of true Reality and the balance of energy between masculine and feminine. All outer form is a result of this inner Reality and the scales of balance therein.
Relating to the masculine through the male ego causes mind games and contains the destructive elements; fear and desire. Relating to the masculine within brings peace and harmony resulting in love radiating to the masculine which in turn releases wisdom.
Relating to the feminine through the female ego causes emotional turbulence. The masculine energy becomes unstable and seeks to control the feminine through the mind. He uses knowledge instead of wisdom just as the female ego uses desire instead of love. Relating to the feminine within brings stability and balance, and universal intelligence replaces the need to build a memory bank of knowledge. Love and wisdom are constructive elements building the universal plan on the material plane. Continue reading

In Quest of Love

Mindfulness is the art of being aware of your thoughts and observing them.

Initially this can be difficult to do because thoughts can be like a runaway train, depleting your energy. With daily practice you can begin to create awareness of your main thought patterns. By setting your intention to become mindful, you will become aware of the thoughts that negatively impact on your life experiences. What you consistently think about you bring about in your reality. When there is unawareness of thought patterns such as blame, judgement, self‑criticism; there will be a constant feeling of unhappiness and incompleteness. Continue reading

Love’s alter ego

The polarisation of Love causes a split resulting in desire & fear. Desire is Love’s alter ego, and fear is its protagonist. Souls who have lost connection to source energy, forget their true nature as Love, and instead opt for desire as a substitute. The soul’s truest calling is to give & receive love unconditionally. Trapped in form, the human wants to desire and be desired. Continue reading

Inner Twin Consciousness

Union between our inner feminine and inner masculine creates a harmony which endures beyond external circumstances. This inner balance is not a fantasy state where we stop engaging in, and nourishing external physical relationships. Rather we bring our inner fulfilment to a relationship. We no longer rely on others for our wholeness. We share this with them and do not place ownership on them. All souls require freedom to grow and be.

Mind is the formless energetic level of masculine energy. Spirit is the formless energetic level of feminine energy. On the super conscious level, masculine is Light and feminine is Love. Continue reading

Primal Scream

The day froze solid

In a mind of pain

Crystallized memories

Forming carbon copies

In endless cycles

Of icy reproof

Her rebuttal shaped

His desirous deeds

Truth was petrified

In a sarcophagus of grief

Searching for love

In recycled visions

Of her ghostly form

Hollow eyes seek pleasure

In a collage of firm flesh

While love lies waiting

For his primal scream


What would Love do?

At the core of our human journey is the relationship between our inner masculine & feminine energies. When our inner masculine & feminine are out of balance, we yearn for wholeness. As long as we have human bodies we must acknowledge the desires of the flesh, however by treating our sexuality with respect we come to realize our outer gender is but half of the whole soul unit. When we identify completely with our physical gender we create a deep longing for the opposite gender manifesting as sexual desire.

As we grow in soul maturity and our consciousness expands, any under developed energy in our psyche tugs at our hearts and minds. Continue reading