Inner Man & Inner Woman

There is both a male and female aspect within each of us. Our being consists of masculine and feminine energy. They are the negative and positive of human consciousness. These polar opposites have different perspectives and views on life.
When we are over identified with either inner man or woman, the other side remains underdeveloped and unexpressed within our psyche. Outer relationships are a mirror of the communication between our inner male and female side. It reveals to us which side is dominant and which side is submissive.
Our relationships with an outer man or woman are a mirror of our own inner masculine or feminine energy. Any encounter with an outer man or woman, triggers a conscious or unconscious comparison with our inner masculine and feminine. If there is a close vibration to our inner man or woman, we may naturally form a deeper bond. We refer to this as falling inlove on the outer level. On the inner level the underdeveloped energy is seeking a way to strengthen and harmonise with its opposite body of energy.
Relationships are a developmental dance between our inner man and woman. It is a dance between intellect and intuition, between activity and silence, between mind and spirit, between force and receptivity, and between control and surrender. An over-development of the masculine side leads to ego and separation. An over- development of the feminine side leads to dependence and passivity.
Embracing our own inner masculine and feminine allows us to understand the inner drama that happens between our male and female aspects. This plays out for the outer man and woman in close relationships. When we bring understanding to both inner masculine and feminine energy, we come to realise that outer relationships simply mirror the relationship between our inner man and woman. This awareness gives us the opportunity to take conscious responsibility for our choices and take further steps towards spiritual maturity and unity.
The inner man and woman must develop their own independence and integrity. When both the inner man and woman take responsibility and live their own truth, love and compassion naturally flows between them. Healing between our inner man and woman allows love to flow between them. To tap into our own inner source of love, we need to embrace both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. When both aspects are developed and integrated, feelings of love, joy, harmony, creativity and wholeness arise within us.
The inner woman is the capacity to surrender to life. The inner man is the capacity to experience life. Without him she exists not, without her he is unmanifest. Both require each other for the fullest and most rewarding experience in life.
~ Collette OMahony
© 2015

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