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Evolution of Thought

For several centuries it was believed that the earth was the centre of the universe. This theory of Ptolemy, whose work is believed to range from 120-180 A.D, remained unchallenged until the sixteenth century when Copernicus, a polish clergyman, proposed instead a plan in which the Sun, and not the earth, occupied the centre of the planetary system. Copernicus was well aware that his ideas would not meet with the approval of the Catholic Church. To regard the earth as anything but supreme would be to invite a charge of heresy. Prudently, Copernicus refused to publish his book, Concerning the Revolution of the Celestial Bodies, until the final stage of his life in 1543. His fears were founded in the total dominion of church rule at the time, and his book was placed on the Papal Index of forbidden books for almost three hundred years, until 1835.

The Italian mathematician Galileo Galilei followed on from Copernicus’ theories that the earth moves around the sun. However, he failed to provide definite proof of the Copernican system and he was summoned to Rome by the Inquisition in 1633. He was made to ‘abjure, curse and detest’ the absurd view that the earth moves around the Sun, he was kept under surveillance until he died nine years later. Galileo was the last scientist to be persecuted for teaching that the earth is an ordinary planet. In 1687 Isaac Newton published the Principia, in which he laid down the laws of gravitation and explained many other phenomena such as tides. Newton’s book ushered in the modern era of astronomy, and the revolution in human thought had arrived.

The ancients could make very little progress in understanding the Solar System, because they believed that the earth must lie at the centre of the universe, and as a result there was little progress in astronomy for fourteen-hundred years. Looking back it is easy to see how limited thought patterns obstruct the truth of what is right in front of our eyes, but fear of authority and law enforcement ensured that the large majority didn’t question the truth. Humanity has managed to evolve due to a minority of brave and enlightened individuals who spoke the truth of their convictions even if it meant being ostracised by society and the ruling body of the day. In many cases those considered to be heretics were put to death.

The acceptance of Newton’s Principia came about because of the previous works of Copernicus and Galileo amongst others, who paved the way for new truths of the universe to be revealed. Humanity needs pioneering souls who are not afraid to experiment with the truth. This is as true today as it was over four-hundred years ago.

Confinement of thought patterns comes from fear. Fear must be released before truth can be revealed. Fear limits a person’s understanding to knowledge that has been given through history, formal education, and media exposure; it is also handed down through generations in families. Many people live within the confines of second-hand knowledge, turning someone else’s beliefs into their own. This type of behaviour breeds fear, and the more fear that dwells within a person, the more defensive they become of their belief system. People are largely defined by their belief system which is out of harmony with the universal whole therefore it becomes an autonomous entity that lives through repetitive thought patterns, any attempt to expand or challenge these thoughts, within or without, brings distress to the individual. This entity exists only in the mind as me and my-self and it rules a person’s life experience through fear and desire.

The entity which each person refers to as my-self lives on the memory bank of humans, it continually refers to me and my story and uses light essence as an automated power supply to control and manipulate its environment and those therein. It ridicules any suggestion that it is the cause of any problems or difficulties it encounters. Blaming outer circumstances and others is a weapon employed by the mental entity. The entity referred to as my-self is slow to take responsibility for the effect it causes, therefore ignoring one of the principal universal laws, the Law of Cause and Effect.

For the soul to mature, the individual must follow the path of right thinking, navigating its way through the shadowy mental content of the egoic self. To rise above thought is the next stage in humanity’s progression to universal intelligence. To achieve this each soul must learn to trust in the Higher Intelligence that governs the universe. Human intelligence as a whole is currently restricted by memory and concepts, this narrow way of thinking causes polarity and sets humanity adrift from the totality of the universe. Thought fragments truth and blinds humanity from seeing Reality.
Paradoxically, because of humanity’s reliance on thinking, global thought patterns need to be restructured to align with universal intelligence.

Once ‘right-thinking’ is established on a collective scale, old thought patterns which promote greed and violence will begin to fade, until eventually all fearful thought patterns crumble to reveal the truth. Each human needs to take responsibility for his or her life experiences, eradicating blame and victimisation from thought patterns. As an increasing number of humans accept that their thoughts, words and actions are the cause, and the world the effect, humanity as a whole will start to reap the benefits. The thought patterns that have severely restricted humanity’s understanding of the universe will give way to more beneficial thoughts, until eventually thought is no longer necessary.

The works of great astronomers and scientists shall rise in unison with the works of the great spiritual masters to provide a rounded view of the universe. The real truth of the universe can only be felt in the soul of each human, but the pioneering work of astronomers and scientists leads humanity back to the beginning of time and to the soul’s remembrance of its origin.

Extract from book ‘Science of the Soul’ by Collette OMahony