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Emotions as guidance

Being a counterfeit version of your true self is ego. The ego attracts a person through thought patterns, rather than genuine feeling, for self gratification. You may temporarily attract the person your ego wants through mental effort and strain; but keeping up a false persona is very difficult to sustain. In effect you are giving out the message that you are not good enough. Projecting a false image because of peer pressure or trying to be what society dictates, ultimately leads to unhappiness and uncertainty about your relationships with others.
If you have a mistrust of the opposite sex stemming from childhood, there may be a tendency to project a false image through ego. This is done to mask low self esteem and a fear of allowing anyone to get too close. The false image is like a suit of armour which shields the real you. Unless you are willing to shed this suit of armour and reveal who you truly are, you cannot attract people into your life who reflect your true nature.
The fear that you are flawed or not good enough prevents you from dropping the armour of false self. However as life progresses it becomes increasingly cumbersome to carry this load. Allow your true self to shine, let the light of awareness reveal the hidden beauty within. Set your intention to be in alignment with Higher Self.

Higher Self makes you feel whole, ego makes you feel fragmented.

Higher Self makes you feel chosen, ego makes you feel rejected.

~ An extract taken from ‘In Quest of Love‘ by Collette OMahony


Fountain of Experience

Masculine and feminine energy are the fountain of experience. Keep focus on inner masculine and it will strengthen. Focusing on the story of the outer man strengthens the ego. The feminine becomes unstable when her energy is given to the male ego, love turns into fear and the other shadow signals. This is also true when the masculine focuses on the story of the outer woman. He in turn strengthens the female ego. The union of inner feminine and masculine allows true Reality to emerge and this is where love flows freely. The inner masculine emerges through the perfect human channel when it is in harmony with the feminine. The outer form is the result of true Reality and the balance of energy between masculine and feminine. All outer form is a result of this inner Reality and the scales of balance therein.
Relating to the masculine through the male ego causes mind games and contains the destructive elements; fear and desire. Relating to the masculine within brings peace and harmony resulting in love radiating to the masculine which in turn releases wisdom.
Relating to the feminine through the female ego causes emotional turbulence. The masculine energy becomes unstable and seeks to control the feminine through the mind. He uses knowledge instead of wisdom just as the female ego uses desire instead of love. Relating to the feminine within brings stability and balance, and universal intelligence replaces the need to build a memory bank of knowledge. Love and wisdom are constructive elements building the universal plan on the material plane. Continue reading

The mutated mind of man


I am the darkness in the mind of Man. I live through the thoughts and feelings humans produce, I have mutated into an entity in the mind that humans believe to be who they are.

How did I gain supremacy over the minds of humans and become so powerful? It is very simple, although man likes to complicate it. Complications, continuous questioning, the need to judge and analyze are my trademarks. It keeps the mind busy and confused, which means the human has no idea of what is really going on. Humans received the gift of freewill from the Creator and they lived for thousands of years in harmony with all of Creation. Freewill allowed humans to experience life in a unique and individual way while maintaining their unity with the Creator and all Life on the planet. The mind is the part of humans which allows them to immerse themselves in the world of form. These creatures are made of Light and they required an experience to help them see the wonder of their essence. The human body and mind was created to allow them to have such an experience while maintaining their link to their Source of Life. Continue reading

In Quest of Love

Mindfulness is the art of being aware of your thoughts and observing them.

Initially this can be difficult to do because thoughts can be like a runaway train, depleting your energy. With daily practice you can begin to create awareness of your main thought patterns. By setting your intention to become mindful, you will become aware of the thoughts that negatively impact on your life experiences. What you consistently think about you bring about in your reality. When there is unawareness of thought patterns such as blame, judgement, self‑criticism; there will be a constant feeling of unhappiness and incompleteness. Continue reading

Love’s alter ego

The polarisation of Love causes a split resulting in desire & fear. Desire is Love’s alter ego, and fear is its protagonist. Souls who have lost connection to source energy, forget their true nature as Love, and instead opt for desire as a substitute. The soul’s truest calling is to give & receive love unconditionally. Trapped in form, the human wants to desire and be desired. Continue reading