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 Self-acceptance allows a healthy emotional response to the world around you. There is a distinction to be made here between self-acceptance and inflating the ego. Self-acceptance makes you feel whole and in complete acceptance of who you are. The ego constantly needs to be inflated through praise and achievements. If it is caused to deflate in any way, it seeks a way to support its sense of importance.

 Stay committed to self-acceptance by stating your intention every day. At first it may feel uncomfortable setting a goal to love who you are, due to negative self‑judgements. By repeating your intention for self-acceptance, your subconscious mind begins to accept the truth. Believe in your abilities and they expand. Every time you become aware of something you like about yourself, acknowledge it and express gratitude for it. Being grateful for positive attributes in yourself triggers more feelings and thoughts of self‑worth.

 If you were in a relationship that knocked your confidence, either through emotional blackmail or psychological abuse, it is essential to heal and grow towards self-acceptance. Identify the reasons why this happened to you, what are the unconscious beliefs that cause you to have low self‑esteem. If you settle for less than you deserve in a relationship, you continue to attract relationships that further dent your confidence.

It can be daunting to be on your own after a relationship has ended. The need to fill the void can be overwhelming. A space isn’t just left physically, but also psychologically and emotionally. Mental noise fills up the space with endless questions about why the relationship has ended or if there is a possibility of reconciliation.

 When there is a belief that you need another person to complete you, you seek balance outside of yourself. By your calculations, you need a partner to complete the equation and resolve the problem. You are looking for another person to ascertain your true value. Balance can only be achieved within.



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Book II – The Globe of Light

‘True love expressed in human form is a beautiful and precious gift,’ said the Great White One. ‘However most of humanity still cannot express love unconditionally because the shadow puts needs and expectations on love. Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energy requires an outlet through human form. The emergence of these twin energies in men and women shall harmonize energy to restore unity consciousness. It is time for the original consciousness of the globe of love & light to establish unity on the earth plane.’

‘The globe of love & light is both masculine & feminine energy,’ replied the Globe, ‘How can we establish unity on earth with separate male & female bodies given that both have free will?’

The Great White One explained, ‘You are a globe of light, divine masculine energy. Divine feminine energy is love. Your twin energy shall come to full consciousness during the next sojourn to the earth plane. You shall hold the frequency of light which ensures the fruition of union for the globe of love & light on the earth plane.’

‘Shall we become aware that we are a globe of love & light dwelling in two bodies?’

‘Yes. The original globe consciousness of love & light shall be restored. This is the plan for all the ‘halves’ of love & light that replace their twin energy with the shadow‑self. Due to the hold the shadow has gained on the human psyche, the globes are reduced to identifying with their physical gender and living in an incomplete state,’ said the Great White One.

‘This is the reason why there is so much suffering in the human world. There is a deep need in the human psyche to find a partner to satisfy the longing of incompleteness,’ said the Globe. ‘In Reality it is the soul globe’s deepest wish to reunite with its twin consciousness.’

‘Humans have also come to identify deeply with the individual shadow‑self and also with the rules it imposes on a global scale. Nature is seen as a commodity to be plundered to meet the increasing demands of the global shadow which has tainted the light signal of abundance, making people believe there is scarcity in the world. Much of nature’s resources are being wasted and thrown away as rubbish.’

‘I remember this from my environmental work on my last sojourn to the earth plane,’ recalled the Globe. ‘The shadow creates the excess and then seduces the mind of humans to rip up the earth’s surface and bury this rubbish underneath, calling it waste management.’

More globes began to stream onto the Rainbow. The Globe knew them from his previous lives on the earth plane. All the evolved globes were carrying a very high vibration of light from their culmination of experiences. The Great White One was pleased to see so many evolved globes answer the call and return to the Great Light. The plan to balance energy and restore harmony on the earth plane could now be put in place.

One of the evolved globes was remembering his last visit to the earth plane and the heartbreak caused between men and women due to a lack of understanding of true love. He asked the Great White One about this now, ‘why are there so many broken unions between males and females on the earth plane?’

‘Humans drifted off the path of love when the shadow‑self came to control the mind,’ explained the Great White One. ‘Instead of allowing the heart to lead them to their counterpart, the shadow‑self intervened and imposed rules and regulations on human relationships. Love’s course cannot be steered by the shadow‑self. Love must flow freely.’

‘Are painful emotions helpful to humans?’ asked an evolved globe of love.

‘Energy going against universal source energy causes pain and suffering,’ replied the Great White One. ‘Tears are the melting of glue that has kept the soul’s wings fettered. Each tear shed gratefully allows the soul to unfold its wings and take flight.’


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