The Fairy Bride

The fairy bride picked the lock

And tiptoed through the summer wood

She gave no mind to life behind

Or shadows thrown by bad or good


She gave no mind to wrong or right

Or screeching call of owls at night

She listened for the haunting cries

That called her from her blushing bud


Ferns unfurl a tickled fronds

Laughing at her slightest brush

Dewdrops glisten with green eyes

Meadows sway with lightest hush


A captive note arrests her breath

Dreamers weave intricate maze

Lithe and quick she shines the light

Illuminating shadow glades


She gives no mind to life and limb

Or captor’s hiss from deep within

Her purity will seize the thread

Dangling loose from dreamer’s web


She spins a silver spool of light

To catch the rays of stars at night

Now innocence can spread its wings

Making haste for freedom flight


She gives no mind to where they fly

Or how tall grasses lift her high

She clicks the lock and in she glides

All nature hails the fairy bride


Collette O’Mahony


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