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Cause & Effect

Thoughts are the cause. Feelings are the effect. If one refuses to feel the effect of cause, karma is created or emotional debt.

Cause & Effect is a universal law that allows the harmony and unity of twin energies. Cause (thought) has a corresponding effect (feeling), and feeling has a corresponding thought. When feeling resists an emotion it becomes form bound as a personal thought i.e. me.  A build up of karmic debt results in an inflated sense of me and myself or ego. The emotionally charged self uses the mind through self-centred thinking. The seesaw of emotion and thought determines the physical reality one experiences. Through the female form, feeling energy realises it cannot manipulate or control its twin energy… mind. Through male form, mental energy realises it cannot emotionally abuse its twin energy… spirit.

Intention to release feeling from the mind attracts helpful thought. Intentional good thought attracts good feeling. Continue reading

Soul Communion

When we begin to realise we are a twin energy unit rather than a male or female physical body, people show up in our lives who reflect the under developed energy (masculine or feminine) in our psyche. The people who we find attractive often have qualities we wish to emulate. They serve as catalysts for our under developed twin energy to expand and grow.

A man may find he is drawn to a nurturing, expressive woman who encourages his inner feminine to emote & express emotions. A woman may find she is attracted by a wise and sensual man who encourages her inner male to channel wisdom and to embrace her sexuality. It is the quality we admire in others that indicates the part of us that requires expansion and growth. Continue reading