Emotional Intelligence

Emotional maturity is necessary if you are to be part of a loving relationship based on mutuality rather than dependency. If the feelings are mutual, the input is equal. The initial step towards emotional maturity is honesty. Do you love like a child needing attention, praise and reassurance? Do you have a desperate need to hold onto the other person for your emotional security? Do you constantly end relationships because you find faults with the other person? Do you crave the excitement of a new relationship?

Connect with the universal field of awareness to know the truth. The truth helps you move forward. Accept your tendencies in a relationship without judgement or blame. Ask for truth to be revealed in a loving, compassionate way.

If you are easily manipulated in a relationship, or if you tend to be the one who is in control, take time out to develop emotional maturity. Remember, the source of love is within you, not in the relationship. Love comes from you and is expressed in relation to others.

Emotional immaturity is searching for love outside you.

Emotional maturity comes from realising you are the source of love.

If you are at the end of a relationship, or in a separation period, use the space wisely. Time out from being part of a couple allows you to focus on meeting your own needs. Set your intention to connect to your true source of power. Keep repeating your intention every day until you begin to open to the extraordinary power of higher self.

Concentrate on your breathing patterns. Watch the breath as it moves in and out. Breathing happens, you don’t need to force it. It is natural to breathe. Also, it is natural to love. You don’t need to force it or strive for it. Focus on your heart. Feel a warm glow igniting your heart centre. Allow it to expand throughout your whole body and energy field. Practising this on a regular basis lifts your energy vibration and connects you to people and situations that are in harmony with love.

The habitual pattern to look for love on the outside takes time to change. You may find you alternate between sourcing love within yourself, to needing validation and praise from others. Allow whatever frequency you are on to be as it is. Accept what you are feeling now and keep your intention strong for self-acceptance.

When you are accustomed to needing another person for love, whether this is a partner, a parent or a friend, it is magnificent to feel love’s pure energy arising within. It is then you realise the truth, you are love. You are not dependent on others to feel love. Open to this powerful energy that is your life force and allow it to permeate every part of you. Let the overflow expand into the hearts of those around you.

Be the love you wish to receive.


Extract from ‘In Quest of Love’ by Collette O’Mahony

Available on Amazon, Lulu, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore.

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