Masculine & Feminine Energy…. Waking Up

The male and female ego are self-centered, using their opposite energy charge to fuel desires. The inner energy charge that is suppressed (the masculine energy fuelling the female ego; feminine energy fuelling the male ego) brings uneasy feeling and thoughts to the surface. Masculine and feminine energy must learn to harmonise and bring balance to the soul unit in order to dispel the dreaming state of egoic consciousness.

The inner masculine responds to the feminine’s state of consciousness. It will throw out the image required to guide the female ego to full consciousness. If the female ego resists the conditions approximated by the masculine energy, dependency on the outer physical male ensues which ultimately leads to emotional instability. This is also true of the male ego, if he resists surfacing emotions released by the inner feminine energy, he becomes dependent on the female ego, which leads to feelings of being used.

The destructive cycle playing out between masculine and feminine require a conscious commitment for equality and balance. Otherwise blame and judgement take over, forcing them into separate roles. The conceptual self, the ego, takes over… and the karmic cycle continues.
It is paramount for men and women to see beyond the roles and masks of ego. True soul pairings can help each other out of the destructive cycle of dependency. A soul partnership can work towards the freedom of suppressed energy within. A man can reflect to a woman the state of consciousness of her inner masculine. A woman reflects to a man the state of consciousness of his inner feminine energy.
The key is to see the partner as already whole, not someone to be ‘fixed’, allowing the pain that temporarily causes the rift to arise into awareness. The greatest gift we can offer to our inner energy, our partners, and humanity is our awakened self.

~Collette OMahony
October 2014


Art; Armando Alemdar Ara

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