Divine Atom; Masculine & Feminine (Extract from Science of the Soul)

The conscious pairing of masculine and feminine energy reveals the truth behind the universe. A true pairing reveals the Creator of the Universe.

The feminine energy, split from its twin masculine, becomes embroiled in noise and inner dialogue. This noisy self talk creates the ego through which the feminine expresses its life force. It becomes trapped in form and the egoic self takes over as a female ego. Female ego and male ego identify with their physical gender. It is only through quiet observation that the life force can enjoy physical form without being absorbed by it, and identifying with either male or female ego. Fearful emotions are a result of the unconscious ‘split’ from the twin energy. The masculine and feminine energies divide and are no longer one witnessing presence but two active egos.

To return to witnessing presence the feminine has to release any emotions that have built up. The masculine has to forego its need to think and create a memory mind. Both egos must overcome the need to act as a separate entity. Several male and female egos participating in unconscious emotive self activity create a global ego. This global ego lives through artificial intelligence such as media, internet, social networking sites, to name but a few. The global ego acts as an electromagnetic force binding all the semi-egos of male and female to its central memory mind. This memory mind is shaped by human history.

An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral. However in the case of a semi-ego, i.e. male and female, both will seek an opposite charge through the central force of global ego. The male and female ego that are a true pairing become polarized and seek completion through another positive or negative charge through the central magnetic force of global ego. The global ego, which governs collective human thought, survives through these odd pairings. If a true pairing unites it creates a void in the global ego and reduces its power supply.

The twin charge of a divine atom must reach a point where it can no longer suffer the insanity generated by unconsciousness, and seek unity for its masculine and feminine energy. The masculine energy must release the belief that ‘I am a male’ and the feminine energy has to release the belief that ‘I am a female’. Both must realise their dual aspects; they are masculine and feminine energy of one consciousness.

Once the divine atom sets the intention to unite, the Creator shall move the universe to bring the pair together, but first comes the arduous process of releasing attachment to physical form.

Universal source energy knows when a pair is ready to return to Reality. It knows the divine atom is ready when it becomes totally still. Stillness means witnessing presence and the end of self active thought. In other words the masculine and feminine pair no longer creates a male ego and female ego.

The divine atom is complete when a true pairing of masculine and feminine energy unite and realises I AM.  This is the realisation of the Divine Atom.

~ Collette OMahony



Art; Kindred Spirits ~ Armando Alemdar-Ara

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