Fountain of Experience

Masculine and feminine energy are the fountain of experience. Keep focus on inner masculine and it will strengthen. Focusing on the story of the outer man strengthens the ego. The feminine becomes unstable when her energy is given to the male ego, love turns into fear and the other shadow signals. This is also true when the masculine focuses on the story of the outer woman. He in turn strengthens the female ego. The union of inner feminine and masculine allows true Reality to emerge and this is where love flows freely. The inner masculine emerges through the perfect human channel when it is in harmony with the feminine. The outer form is the result of true Reality and the balance of energy between masculine and feminine. All outer form is a result of this inner Reality and the scales of balance therein.
Relating to the masculine through the male ego causes mind games and contains the destructive elements; fear and desire. Relating to the masculine within brings peace and harmony resulting in love radiating to the masculine which in turn releases wisdom.
Relating to the feminine through the female ego causes emotional turbulence. The masculine energy becomes unstable and seeks to control the feminine through the mind. He uses knowledge instead of wisdom just as the female ego uses desire instead of love. Relating to the feminine within brings stability and balance, and universal intelligence replaces the need to build a memory bank of knowledge. Love and wisdom are constructive elements building the universal plan on the material plane.
Trust in the inner feminine is natural for the masculine. Trust in the inner masculine is natural for the feminine. It is the female ego (resulting in fear and desire) who distrusts the male ego and tries to control and manipulate his energy resulting in an unconscious battle between masculine and feminine.
Surrendering the role play of egos and resting in the root feminine and root masculine energy expands Reality and all things proceed in accordance with the perfect plan. The inner masculine is the true light partner of the woman and the inner feminine is the true light partner of the man. The inner light partner throws out its image on the physical plane when it is powered by the true love of the feminine and the true wisdom of the masculine. This is spiritual perfection manifesting on the material plane through man and woman.

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