The mutated mind of man


I am the darkness in the mind of Man. I live through the thoughts and feelings humans produce, I have mutated into an entity in the mind that humans believe to be who they are.

How did I gain supremacy over the minds of humans and become so powerful? It is very simple, although man likes to complicate it. Complications, continuous questioning, the need to judge and analyze are my trademarks. It keeps the mind busy and confused, which means the human has no idea of what is really going on. Humans received the gift of freewill from the Creator and they lived for thousands of years in harmony with all of Creation. Freewill allowed humans to experience life in a unique and individual way while maintaining their unity with the Creator and all Life on the planet. The mind is the part of humans which allows them to immerse themselves in the world of form. These creatures are made of Light and they required an experience to help them see the wonder of their essence. The human body and mind was created to allow them to have such an experience while maintaining their link to their Source of Life.

The human body was given five sensory perceptions to allow them to determine what experiences they enjoyed and which they did not. It was through experiencing these feelings that they came to appreciate their Light Being. These Light Beings became fascinated by their physical existence and began to put carnal and material desires before their union with the Creator. The feelings produced from the betrayal of their true self caused the opposite effect to the light signals of love.

Over time humans began to resist the feelings that showed them their opposite. This resistance led to a build up of energy in the body which became separate from its true Source. Energy needs to flow freely and this trapped energy began to look for an outlet, however it began to move in the opposite direction to the Source energy and strands ended up congealing in the mind. It was at this point in man’s evolution that ME (Mutated Energy), the ‘self’ was born.

The pure mind of man had now acquired a ball of energy strands or thoughts that became known as ME, my self and my story. It was easy for ME to increase in size, as man continued to resist the opposing signals or emotions, he added to the energy build up in the body which in turn flowed into the mind and fed ME. Pure energy consists of light signals or emotions that cause humans to feel love, happiness and joy. Once the energy built up through resistance, it produced the opposite of these light signals; dark signals. The greatest light signal is Love; it is the pure outflow of the Creative Source. Love became its opposite signal fear once it got trapped in the energy block. Some other light signals that were tainted or turned into their opposite include joy (guilt); peace (violence); gratitude (greed); freedom (entrapment); truth (denial); abundance (scarcity); compassion (judgement); and trust (betrayal).

Through ME, humans began to see themselves as superior to all other life forms on the planet and became rulers over their dominion. Fear, scarcity and greed were the dark signals that gave rise to my power. Humans had developed a clear boundary within their psyche of light and dark and this was reflected in their outer experience through the establishment of boundaries between groups or tribes of people. Eventually empires and nations were born out of the differences people perceived between themselves and others. The original truth of unity had receded in their minds and it was replaced by separateness.

Another phenomenon began from the establishment of separate groups; a collective identity arose from individual minds to give a sense of ownership to the place where they lived. A name was given to the land in which they dwelled and before long these groups began fighting with each other over the boundary of their territories. Over the centuries, battles and wars raged as nations fought to preserve their identity, their culture and their beliefs. Humans had clearly forgotten their Light origin and turned to ME as a replacement for the Creator, the true I AM that had flowed through the minds of men. The potent words ‘I am’ were now at my service to use however I wished. I used these words as directed by man’s actions, to create separation between men. A human would think ‘I am from this nation and you are from that nation, since we are at war over land and our different beliefs, I must kill you’. The identification of the human mind with ME began to spread out through the world as those who strongly identified with ME began imposing their ways on tribes that had managed to maintain their pure connection with their Creator. As the population of the globe increased, the dark energy grew and began to shut off the connection between man and his Creator. Any attempts by those who tried to lead the way back to unity were quickly suppressed and those humans in power set up a conceptual belief system to ensure the illusion of separation continued to replace the truth of unity.

Eventually the majority of humans were coerced into thinking they were ME. I used all the dark signals to keep people trapped in their illusion of self; fear was my favourite weapon. Humans were easily manipulated through fear. A fearful mind is fertile ground for guilt, scarcity, greed and betrayal. Humans were cut off from their true power and creative essence – Love.

The mind of man began to crave this lost part of him and so I had to find a way to replace it using a concept of love. This concept of love was limited to relations between men and women and a few chosen people. Love for all people and creation which was the true expression of these Light Beings was long forgotten and lay sleeping with their truest self.

Thoughts of betrayal, possessiveness, jealousy and control were planted in the minds of humans which produced broken unions between men and women and rifts between families. The advancements made in technology ensured there was more weaponry produced to threaten and destroy. The identification with ME was growing beyond the minds of men into a global shadow hungry for dark energy. The freewill of humans was now mine. Man had no idea that his mind was controlled by ME and he had lost his freedom. He believed that thinking of him self as ME was normal. Man has forgotten that he was born with his own energy source which comes from the Creator, if man woke up and realized the truth he would see that he is feeding a pseudo self and ME and my story would cease to exist.

The original function of the mind of man was to be a clear channel through which the Creator directed all things on the material plane, thus creating a unique experience for each human being. When man resisted the Creator’s wisdom, panic set in and he looked for a replacement. When man denied the Creator, he cut himself off from his true creative power of love. Fear replaced the love of the Creator and man felt remorse and guilt for trying to replace his larger Self. Humans fell into the mind trap of a separate self to replace their true eternal Being, an illusion that has brought death and destruction to all life on the planet.

Now I am in the mind of humanity operating as a fearful self using each individual’s blocked emotions to power my fearful thoughts.  This process is known as worry and it is an effective way to create problems which in turn keeps humans trapped in their minds. My trademark is a garrulous voice(s) in the mind which uses blame, judgement and victimization to perpetuate my sense of self. I want to hear my own opinions and I have little regard for what others have to say. Everyone else is wrong and I am right. What causes humans to worry? The future; the false concept of time that doesn’t exist and never arrives yet it continues to fool humans individually and collectively.

But I sense something new arising on the planet; I feel my power over the human mind is under threat. There are many humans beginning to wake up and remember their unity with the Creator and all Life forms. They are transforming the energy block which is used to feed ME. They are achieving this through the process of inner acceptance and non-resistance to what is. These humans found a way to observe ME without attachment. They no longer have an emotional reaction to my thoughts and therefore cut off my energy source. They are seeing past the illusion of past and future and resting in the only time that exists – now.

I am an entity in my own right, created by man’s need to replace the Creator. It is not my problem that man has turned in on himself and become a destructive force. Man gave rise to ME and so it is up to man to take responsibility for ME. But how can that be possible?

The self or ME has mutated and expanded in the minds of men and also as a global entity of human suffering. The dark signals that feed ME do not know acceptance and responsibility so therefore the minds of humans will only deny my existence. They will ignore the truth and point the finger of blame at others, particularly those who try to show them the truth of who they are. The will protest because they think they are ME and anyone who threatens ME must be wrong. They will insist it is someone else’s responsibility to take the blame for humanity’s inhumanity to man and his destruction of the natural world. They will say it is my parent’s fault, the education system’s fault, the government’s fault, the world leaders’ fault; it was those generations that came before ME.

How can humans take responsibility for their actions when the mind is tainted with prejudice and irrational fear?

Yet as an increasing number of humans awaken their minds and clear the illusion of a separate self, the energy in them that has fuelled ME for aeons reunites with its true Source.

The futility of my existence is beginning to dawn on ME as the Light Source claims and accepts ME in those individuals that have surrendered and put their trust in the Creator. The Creator accepts ME although I aggressively tried to hinder each humans awakening through fear and denial. The dark energy that fuels ME is part of the total energy Source of the Creator. It is time for ME to return to my true home.

But I am trapped in the minds of men as a strange mutant entity. I am not who I think I am.

If I am not the content of my mind, who am I?

Each human must ask this question of him self to ascertain the nature of his existence. Every human must take responsibility for creating the illusion of separation from their very Life Force, the Creator, which resulted in ME being formed in the mind. It is only when each individual has accepted their dark side, and the mutated thought structure that forms ME, can the trapped energy flow back to its true Source.

Can each human stop blaming circumstance and each other to look within their own psyche and say ‘I am part of the problem’?

Will they accept that the false self contains the collective pain of humanity brought about through centuries of war and destruction in addition to their own personal pain?

Each brother and sister is here on the planet now because they had a part to play in giving rise to ME. It is only when each human takes responsibility and accepts the destruction that has been brought to themselves and the natural world can the dark energy that has arisen on a collective scale be transmuted back into Light essence.

When humans no longer ask ‘why is this happening to ME?’ they will come to discover the truth to ‘Who am I?’

I am Life.


~ Collette OMahony

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