When we seek to separate anything from the whole it sets in motion the Law of Cause & Effect. Dualism underpins the condition of man, and both ends of the pole are always seeking to balance. If something tips the balance at one end there must be compensation at the other end to restore equilibrium.

The soul of the world is whole and refuses to be fragmented. Acting through the subjective self, man seeks pleasure of a thing without the pain. Contrivance to sever the sensual from the moral is trying to dodge the effect after the cause. It is trying to get one end of the pole without the other. The Law of Cause & Effect steadily counteracts any impunity. The Law is infallible. The uninitiated may say this Law does not touch them because they have no knowledge of such things. Conscious or unconscious the Law works for everyone alike. If the lie is on the lips the condition is in the soul. The subjective self is mortal but soul energy is immortal and pays the cost for infraction of the Law during human experience.

When we act from Being, or the whole, we add value to the world. When we act in self-interest we subtract from the world. Conscience balances the scales of right and wrong. Justice balances the scales of good and evil. Where there is subtraction at one end, there must be addition at the other.

Being, the whole and source of Life, is a perfect equation. There is no compensation or comparative required in the absolute of Being.

The soul must carry the burden of responsibility for inequality in the man. Too much thinking, must be balanced by feeling & emotions. Turbulent thought is fuelled by turbulent emotion. Fear and desire is the see-saw of emotional imbalance. Craving and aversion are poles of agitated thinking.

Fear is the emotional equivalent of aversion; desire is the emotional equivalent of craving. Weakness of mind allows emotion to overpower and cause imbalance, thinking becomes distorted by desire causing obsessive thought about the subject. Weakness in the feeling body, allows mental activity to reduce its immense power to a battery to fuel thinking. The stronger the desire, the more it impacts upon the mind, interfering in the natural flow. Desire produces thoughts of craving and needing something or someone to be happy. There are always two ends in polar thinking, at one end is desire, at the other end is fear. Fear weighs down desire by producing thoughts of aversion, lack, or worry causing agitation.

The effect of dualism in man is caused by attachment to form. This results in the need to identify with thought form as ‘who I am’ and the associated likes and dislikes.

The world one experiences are the effect created by the scales of emotion and thought. The world exists to allow true Being to become conscious. It is a tough exterior to protect the seed of consciousness until it is ready to comply with universal law. The world created through emotion and thought reflects the soul’s state of consciousness.

There can be no premature ripening or cracking of the shell until the soul’s energy is a vibratory match for universal source energy.

Collette O’Mahony



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