The universe is represented in every one of its particles. It is the fluid consciousness of Being, the awareness of all phenomena that comes and goes. The material particle has the appearance of separateness but the consciousness consists of the whole. In other words, matter has a myriad of variations but the energy pervading all form is one unit. This energy is indivisible. Therefore, for a particle to achieve a separate identity, it must move its consciousness into that which gives energy the appearance of form. That which allows energy to pass into appearance is the mind.

Only a universal particle with free will can impose its consciousness unto the mind. Consciousness in the mind slows the vibration of energy and it becomes a stream of sound. The consciousness of the particle then has two distinct states of Being, one awareness of noise, the other is Being’s association with noise.

It is association that begets belief. Belief in noise in the mind causes identification. This noise then becomes self, and self-identification begins. The organising principle of the mind, intelligence, is used to make sense of noise. Thus noise is organised into thought. The primary thought is self or I, other thoughts are added to it by association. The self identifies with outer appearance as species, and also gender of species. The more thoughts added to the self, the denser it becomes until finally the original state of consciousness is usurped by the noisy self in the mind. Mental activity associates with physical form. The function of the mind is to allow energy to manifest as form. Mental activity identified with the thought form of me or I, adds layers of thinking to the self to make things ‘mine’. Thus begins a molecular structure of subject (self) and object (form).

Consciousness is energy aware of Being. Losing this awareness of Being by association with mental self, causes a subjective state. In this state, energy associates with a belief that it is separate from its complete Being. It formulates ideas according to its association with matter. Species, race, colour, gender, creed, nationality, along with individual tastes run according to one’s belief in a separate self.

Without the objectivity of conscious awareness, the subjective self organised by thought, annexes energy from the whole, and like air in a room that has been locked up too long, the energy becomes stale and musty. Only when the windows and doors are flung open between mind and consciousness can the energy liberated from the chamber of self breathe the truth of unity.

Subjective energy proceeds from the mind made self. Conscious energy proceeds from the whole. The former state associates with doing, the latter state is being.

Subjective self applies force to the mind to manifest or impress upon it what it wishes to have in the world of form. This is unity having an experience of separation.

Conscious energy allows the mind to organise and manifest according to universal intelligence. This is unity having an experience of variety.

The state of subjective self leads to extreme individualism and energy is used to power ideas that run contrary to the whole. In this, the energy becomes erratic and highly charged causing extreme disturbance in the mind, resulting in neurotic thinking. Annexed energy fuelling the separate self applies pressure to be released from the mind. The process of release is disassociation with form. The energy purifies by detaching from all ideas of self and I. It is through feelings and emotion that energy sheds its heavy armour of thought. Only fluid energy can pass through the mind and evaporate into original consciousness.

As free flowing energy, mind and spirit (Being) run parallel to each other. Each reflects the other and represents the other. This dual energy charge is the constituent of the universe. And it is for every one of its particles to be and be aware of this force within.


Collette O’Mahony



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