Feeling is the heart of the World

A person’s history is the culmination of egoic thought. It is the ego’s identity. A low vibration in the feeling body manifests as thought. Sustained thought becomes egoic self. Ego dictates lifestyle, material wealth, fashion and manipulates emotion to create a separate world. The social history of a soul entity eventually becomes too cumbersome to carry. It is at this point that the egoic loop between thought and feeling begins to unravel. On the outer level it may appear as though the person is having a personal crisis. The fact is that the feeling body can no longer support the dysfunctional ego and seeks a way out from under its oppression.

Once an intention is set to align with the Universe, events are orchestrated to bring feeling energy lost in ego back to unity consciousness. Thoughts are like a cloud dust arising from a stampede, temporarily impairing vision. When the dust settles everything becomes clear again.

Low vibratory energy clings to thought, believing that if it could just get through a difficult situation, the future will hold the answer to its dreams. The wishful future is ‘now’ dispersed through a cloud of dust. It is egoic resistance to accepting what is. The low vibratory energy feeding ego coils up in knots when the solution is rather simple… Feel the pain to return to Love. You cannot see who you truly are until the dust of thought settles.

The world cannot exist without thought.

Thought cannot exist without feeling.

Feeling is the heart of the world.

The world one experiences is governed primarily by feeling and secondly by the thought it attracts. If the world seems unjust and dysfunctional it is a reflection of inner feeling. No amount of thinking so called good thoughts can change that. If you do not face up to how you feel, the ‘world’ your vibration attracts, will continue to create circumstances to release low vibratory energy. Identifying with the mental self, induced from pain, creates a victim mentality. The world exists as a result of your feeling and thought. If your feeling is numb then thought has taken over and the imbalance creates the victim mentality. Reality is falsely perceived through a sleeping consciousness.

The current world you experience has no future or past, only a present, and that present is created primarily by the state of consciousness in the current of now.

~ Collette O’Mahony

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