New Publication – The Globe of Love

Dear friends and Readers,

I have just had the third book of my trilogy ‘The Rainbow Lights’ published on Amazon. It will be available on iBookstore, Nook, Lulu and Kobo over the coming days.

This third instalment of the  trilogy is titled ‘The Globe of Love’. It follows the feminine aspect of a Globe of love & light through several human incarnations as it experiences separation from the masculine aspect of the Globe.

A Globe of love & light is the primordial energy of masculine & feminine energy. It is the purity of balance between these energies prior to their entrance into separate body forms on earth. Love relates to Feminine energy, Light relates to masculine energy. As the mind develops in each counterpart energy, they begin to drift apart seeking new experiences with other opposite bodies of energy. However, the evolution of consciousness ensures that the original pairing of masculine & feminine energy would always find their way back to the perfect fit of their twin energy. The human form allows each aspect of the globe to experience life in a three dimensional sphere as man and woman. By immersing themselves in their physical world and identifying with their physical gender, they come in contact with several other globes (souls) and feel the emotional waves that move through their being.

The Globe of Love follows both the human and spirit aspects of the feminine’s journey as her vibration lowers into separation consciousness, and her subsequent journey through the Rainbow Lights (Cosmic Mind) to remember her true essence as Love.

The Globe of Love amazon

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