Love clears fear (Extract from ‘In Quest of Love’)

lilyenn eternity

Love clears any obstacles on its path to freedom. Any blocks that prevent you feeling love shall have to surface into consciousness. Any unconscious beliefs that oppose the new reality you are attracting shall begin to present themselves in your awareness.

Issues of self esteem and old limiting thought patterns arise so that they can be felt and cleared to make way for the new reality. Be aware of any avoidance habits that prevent you releasing fear.
Sometimes at this point it can seem that things are actually getting worse rather than getting better. It is easy to fall back into old mind patterns and allow unconscious thoughts and fears to create your reality. Instead of collapsing into the old thought patterns, use an affirmation to help you through it;

Everything is in Divine and perfect order now.

Remember that what you are currently experiencing is only temporary because life is always changing. Confusion comes about when you are moving between the old way of being and the new reality you are attracting into your life experience. Stay focused on the new reality through intention and affirmations.
When fearful thoughts arise, it is your inner guidance revealing to you any beliefs that are blocking the emergence of your new reality. It is in effect saying to you to clear away the old to make way for the new. Be completely open and watch the fears as they arise into the conscious mind. Attach no judgement, guilt or shame to them. Allow the old beliefs to dissolve just by being present to them.

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