Summer Storm

Dark clouds move rapidly across the sky

An ominous portent for the oncoming storm

Swallows dart in quick succession

Performing acrobats in a weather circus

Sun scorched leaves swirl to the ground

Branches exercise the flexibility of their range

Now and then the sun beams its way

Pass the white and grey moving patchwork

Revealing an undercoat of pale blue

Books rapidly fan their pages on a garden table

Telling their stories to the easterly wind

Late blooms nod vigorously to the trees

Clipped hedges shift uneasily in their formal attire

New patterns are formed in a whirlpool of greens

Framed by a moving backdrop of beech trees

The thick grey cover unleashes its contents

Crashing down on roof and stone

Deeply penetrating nature’s green cover

Replenishing her seasonal reservoir

Raising new life and fertilising hope


Collette OMahony

image: Zoltan Toth

Zoltan Toth

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