Perfect Manifestation

The perfect manifestation process works in this way; the outer mind receives intuition on the perfect plan, the Light Being adds the radiance of love on receiving the image, and it manifests in the physical realm. The perfect plan is released at intervals when the optimum moment comes, and the Light Being knows this and trusts the process completely. There is no decision making process involved.

This is how the manifestation works in a human being under the duress of its mutated entity; the outer mind receives an image of the perfect plan and the entity intercepts it. The mental part of the entity analyzes and judges the image and reduces it to a mental construct, then through the process of interpretation and conclusion a decision is reached. The emotional part of the entity adds fear or desire to the image. Fear is added if it is judged to be outside the limits of the entity’s safety zone, and desire is added if the entity feels it is something that will enhance its outer image in the physical realm. The image received from the perfect plan is filtered down and reduced to a thought process that must fit in with the entity’s bank of knowledge before it can be accepted. If the idea is outside the entity’s accepted field of knowledge, it is discarded, or in some cases put in another metal concept labelled fantasy or wishful thinking. There is also another concept opposite to fantasy called ‘dread’, this holds the entity’s worst fears of what might happen to it. The greatest fear in this category is one of the biggest taboos for humans; death.

The Light Being knows it is eternal and that life is a continual experience. The human being under the influence of the mutated entity believes he is subject to death. This belief arises from the entity’s control of the outer mind, because it knows when light essence leaves the body, my-story ends. Life never ends, it only changes form. Those attached to form, experience ‘death’. Light Beings experience eternal life.

From ‘Reflection of Love & Light’ A collection of poetry & prose, by Collette OMahony

Available on Amazon, Lulu, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, ibookstore.

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