Cause & Effect

Thoughts are the cause. Feelings are the effect. If one refuses to feel the effect of cause, karma is created or emotional debt.

Cause & Effect is a universal law that allows the harmony and unity of twin energies. Cause (thought) has a corresponding effect (feeling), and feeling has a corresponding thought. When feeling resists an emotion it becomes form bound as a personal thought i.e. me.  A build up of karmic debt results in an inflated sense of me and myself or ego. The emotionally charged self uses the mind through self-centred thinking. The seesaw of emotion and thought determines the physical reality one experiences. Through the female form, feeling energy realises it cannot manipulate or control its twin energy… mind. Through male form, mental energy realises it cannot emotionally abuse its twin energy… spirit.

Intention to release feeling from the mind attracts helpful thought. Intentional good thought attracts good feeling.

Strong feeling energy expresses emotions freely. In turn, this attracts strong mental energy that is in tune with the cosmic intelligence. In physical terms, this relates to an emotionally intelligent woman attracting a wise and intelligent man.


Feminine energy takes responsibility for cause & effect by feeling any build of emotion that requires release in the current of now. Similarly, masculine energy takes responsibility for cause & effect by guiding thought according to inner feeling. If thought is not mindful of feeling, it evokes fear from the feminine energy. If feeling is using thought to avoid pain, it evokes egotism from the masculine energy. The law of cause & effect is being adhered to when masculine and feminine energies are in balance. Feminine energy emotes freely, and masculine energy produces creative thought.

When masculine and feminine energies harmonise in human form, the consciousness is free from its flesh encasement. The twin energies expand into the twin pairing of Spirit and Mind. Consciousness does not identify with form and so it no longer identifies with masculine and feminine energies. It encapsulates both and no longer has any desire to split in two parts as either male or female. An egoic self is a created thing existing in the mind powered by low-level emotion that chooses to express itself through thought rather than feeling. The created thing i.e. the ego or self is not in a position to create anything of lasting value. As a created thing, it identifies with form i.e. the body and material things. It therefore is limited to wanting material things to satisfy the self and the body.

To rise above the level of ego it is necessary to find its source, which is thought and feeling. If the human encounters pain and suffering, it is evident, that fear is the predominant feeling. This attracts polarized thinking that keeps the feeling body in a coma. Using the feeling body dominated by fear to think and reason cause depression and anxiety for the individual. Fear must be coaxed out of its hiding place in the mind gently but firmly. Asking the universe to help align the energies with real intention invokes the power necessary to help the human to rise out of despair and regain power.

If feeling is consistently given over to powering a mental ego, conditions are approximated in the physical world to help the feeling body release its energy charge in the mind. Releasing energy through clear emotion aligns the feeling body with the universal source.

The ultimate feeling is love and joy. This is the default setting for a feeling body. The light of imagination is the default setting for the thinking body. The power of love ignites the light of imagination and this combination created the universe.This is also the combined force that operates every human being when the twin energies of masculine and feminine are balanced.

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