You can shape your life as you choose, this is the gift of free will. Humans are the only species on earth that have this opportunity. This is a major gift to be grateful for. Go deeper than lip service when giving thanks, let it penetrate deep in your heart and flow into all your words and actions. Gratitude helps accentuate the positive in your life and attract even more reasons to be grateful. When it appears that life is going against you and nothing goes as planned, it can be difficult to find a reason to be grateful. If you are in this situation, simplify things by just watching your breath as it moves in and out of your lungs. Feel the gratitude for this life force that keeps you alive in the human body.

 It is easy to take for granted essential things you need for survival such as air, water, food, clothing and shelter. We have moved a long way from our hunter gatherer forbearers and our focus in the modern world is on the accumulation of material comforts and emotional security. Material forms are just objects and hold no real value unless you have an emotional attachment to them. This is the reason you find yourself holding onto old items that have no practical use but are of sentimental value. Material forms in themselves do not bring joy and fulfilment. It is their association with certain people or events that places value on them.

 Perhaps you think you need some object to bring you contentment but it is out of your reach. Not having the object of your desire arises out of resentment, annoyance and unhappiness. It could be a house, a car or perhaps attention from a certain person. You believe if you could acquire the object of your desire, you would be happy. This way of thinking puts terms and conditions on happiness and emotional wellbeing. You are associating objects and certain people with feelings of happiness. This erroneous belief has you constantly chasing a person or material things to find happiness. Everything starts from within. First, connect to your feeling of joy and it attracts more reasons to be joyful. Joy cannot be bought because it is an intrinsic part of your being, stemming from the universal field of awareness.

 7239532315abd0c54bd50618cdfa311d[1]You cannot put a price or condition on wellbeing. Set your intention to feel joy, to feel love, and to feel free. When you invoke these positive feelings within, you attract more reasons to be joyful. When you are aligned with vibrations of joy, gratitude is natural. It exudes from the core of your being for this phenomenal experience we call life. Your intention to be grateful allows universal power to infuse you with gratitude. Feelings of gratitude are reflected in the world around you. You behold joy in simple things and gratitude emanates from you. You begin to realise feeling good is what is most important and not the things you possess. What you have is relative to how you feel but it is not the cause. The cause is your connection to joy and gratitude.

From ‘In Quest of Love’ by Collette O’Mahony

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Emotional Fears

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Resisting feelings of unease causes agitation and anxiety. Suppressing feelings over a sustained period leads to depression and illness. Suppression of feeling occurs when you try to avoid facing your shadow side. This is the unseen, unfelt emotions within you. These emotions constantly play out fearful scenarios in the mind, and attract matching experiences.

To dissolve the darkness, light must be brought in. Set your intention to shine the light of awareness on your shadow side. Once you become aware of your fears and fully acknowledge them, they loosen their grip on your psyche. It is the unseen within us that causes fear. The unfelt emotional past within you is the source of your fear.

Collette O’ Mahony

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IN QUEST OF LOVE (2nd edition)

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I began writing the original manuscript for In Quest of Love eight years ago. I wrote it as a personal manifesto for change. At that time, I was very unhappy and I was questioning my life choices. I believed, like many, I needed a relationship to feel loved and fulfilled.  Within six weeks of writing the manuscript I left my job and moved to another country. While I experienced feelings of fear and moments of terrible anxiety, the feeling of freedom was incredible. I felt like I had been given a new opportunity to live the life I wanted to live, rather than a life set out for me through my early conditioning and societal beliefs.

Once I set my intention for healing and growth, I noticed subtle changes within me. I felt love emanating from the core of my being as a radiant energy, whereas before it was a romantic idea. The bliss of simply being expanded love within me. I realised I had found love when there was no need for someone to complete me. The need for something or someone to make me complete was the root of my unhappiness.

The misperception I held about love was I needed someone to give it to me. Through writing this book, and then putting it into practise, I discovered that love is expressed in relating, but the source of love was not a relationship. The source of love is within me.

Love takes me to the places I want to go, whereas fear kept me imprisoned in dull routine. I am now living in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas. I came on a visit two years ago and found I had much more to learn from the people, philosophy and religions. The new edition of In Quest of Love stems from new perspectives derived from living in a culture that contrasts my own. It has challenged any lingering preconceptions I had, while giving me new insights into relationship with others and with the universal field of awareness. 

Writing this book eight years ago, set me on an odyssey of inner transformation. By setting this personal manifesto, it was then up to me to live it. My life became a canvas to experiment with the truth.

The best way to find out who I am, and who I am not, is through my relationships with others. I am deeply grateful to all the wonderful people I have met on this journey of self-discovery for being my guides and teachers.

 Collette O’Mahony (May 2017)

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Love what is given…

Love what is given by your nature

Do not sell your liberty

To save another’s sensibility

We shall arrive at the moment of reason

In the course of our soul’s season


Deep within is our divinity

Quarry it in your silence

Voice it in your parlance

Let this treasure gild your nature

Let its force be your reliance


Simplicity serves our common purpose

Patience is architect of variety

Harmony an agent for peaceful society

Stride confidently into a new day

Leaving yesterday to history


Regret illustrates discontent

And the need for true affinity

Leave arrogance to its vanity

Lift your chin to the orbit of the sun

Let you light make its mark upon the galaxy


New horizons stretch out wide

To meet inner eye expansion

Free of fearful gravitation

A star borne in the heart of humanity

Rejoicing with innumerable variation

Collette O’Mahony



Ascension of Consciousness

Emotional congestion thwarts love, brooding and snarling, it lives in the shadows of fear, vengeance and betrayal. This towering babel of infractions of love, finds its foundations in the souls of men, its walls in his heart, and its smeared windows in his confused mind.

Attachment to form is the architect of pain. This multi-storey self trembling under the seismic activity of a fraught imagination and eventually crumbles beneath its igneous layer of egotism.

Life is governed by inexorable conditions. The world springs from the nature of our soul. In its pure state, the soul is fluid and transient. In its unnatural state, it is in the stasis of self, buttressed by beliefs and expectation, providing the soundtrack and narration for its masquerade as it parades through the apparent world. Desire is the float that carries the self aloft but fear halts its procession.

Fear is the harbinger that warns the soul of moral decline. Fear demands the penalty for transgressions are paid. Progress of the soul is not by linear procession, but by ascension of state. The egoist self lives in ignorance of this from human existence to human existence until the monolith of pain becomes too cumbersome to bear. The conditions of egoist thought and action lie within the soul. The ego subscribes to birth and death, it is governed by time. The soul is governed by the Law of eternal Being. The soul must pay for infractions caused by the wilful ego upon the whole. It is aided in this by the Law of Cause & Effect.

The world mirrors the soul’s state of consciousness. The ego is ignorant of this and projects its faults onto others. The truth living in the soul, known or unknown, is of unity. All life is one. Therefore, all humans are shareholders of transgressions, blame and vice. We are here because we are liable in making amends for our past actions that have imparted upon the whole. When the soul becomes aware of its reason for being in human form, its ascension of state accelerates and its moral nature overthrows the false master.

However, this metamorphosis is not without suffering. The mirror of truth is an unwelcome intruder to the ego, while it is the window of freedom for the soul. The inlet of vice must exit through the outlet of suffering. Denial of feeling the effect of wrongdoings eventually overpowers the capricious ego and turns the finger of the projectionist firmly inward. The ascension of the soul marks the decline of ego. The ego’s surrender marks the maturity of the soul indicating its maturity and awareness of its union with all life. Then the star seed of human consciousness shines brightly amongst the firmament of men so that the performance can match his promise.

Collette OMahony


Bojan Jevtic

Art by Bojan Jevtic

Connect to Joy

Future projection can be mentally and physically exhausting. A constant pull to achieve more, leaves you feeling as if there are not enough hours in the day. This is particularly the case if you are bombarded with messages and status symbols from the world around you. These messages give advice on how to look good, what you should wear, how to spend your money and what you need to achieve happiness.

 When a person is unsure about their choices, they are heavily influenced by the world they inhabit to provide answers. Personal choices such as relationships must live up to a list of criteria. A relationship is acceptable if it lives up to the expectation of society. A feeling of discontent arises when a relationship breaks down and blame is directed at the other person for not conforming to the ideal that society dictates.

 If you are not sure what brings joy and contentment, you can be easily led into other people’s perception of happiness. This leaves you dependent on outside influences to answer any questions about relationships and other matters in your life. If you are out of touch with who you really are, it is difficult to have a fulfilling life.

To tune into your true requirements for a happy fulfilling life experience, be still and ask for the truth to be revealed from higher self. We are all unique and we have diverse ways to express feelings of joy. What works for one person may not work for another. You may feel exhilaration when sky diving, but to someone who doesn’t like heights, it would be a scary experience.

 Allow each person to be as they are, to act in a manner they wish, and to see the world with their own eyes. Life experience teaches you what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. Focus on the feeling an experience gives you. If it makes you scared or upset, leave it alone, if it makes you joyful, stay with it. Feeling determines the quality of your experiences. You may participate in an activity because it is recommended by a friend or magazine article, but you find it unfulfilling. Trust your feeling body, it is your feedback mechanism from the universal field. Sometimes we focus on an upcoming event and how wonderful it will be. When the time arrives, the feeling is an anti-climax. Trying to project feeling unto a future event uses vast amounts of energy so that the event can never live up to the promise. 

How you feel now is crucial to what you are attracting into your life. Focus on the feeling within, let go of stories and dramas playing out over and over in your mind. Feel the feeling behind them. Feel the pain, grief or fear that continually attracts unwanted experiences. Feelings of fear focus on creating unhappy experiences. Feelings of joy attracts joyful experiences.

Extract from ‘In Quest of Love’ by Collette OMahony

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