When we seek to separate anything from the whole it sets in motion the Law of Cause & Effect. Dualism underpins the condition of man, and both ends of the pole are always seeking to balance. If something tips the balance at one end there must be compensation at the other end to restore equilibrium.

The soul of the world is whole and refuses to be fragmented. Acting through the subjective self, man seeks pleasure of a thing without the pain. Contrivance to sever the sensual from the moral is trying to dodge the effect after the cause. It is trying to get one end of the pole without the other. The Law of Cause & Effect steadily counteracts any impunity. The Law is infallible. The uninitiated may say this Law does not touch them because they have no knowledge of such things. Conscious or unconscious the Law works for everyone alike. If the lie is on the lips the condition is in the soul. The subjective self is mortal but soul energy is immortal and pays the cost for infraction of the Law during human experience.

When we act from Being, or the whole, we add value to the world. When we act in self-interest we subtract from the world. Conscience balances the scales of right and wrong. Justice balances the scales of good and evil. Where there is subtraction at one end, there must be addition at the other.

Being, the whole and source of Life, is a perfect equation. There is no compensation or comparative required in the absolute of Being.

The soul must carry the burden of responsibility for inequality in the man. Too much thinking, must be balanced by feeling & emotions. Turbulent thought is fuelled by turbulent emotion. Fear and desire is the see-saw of emotional imbalance. Craving and aversion are poles of agitated thinking.

Fear is the emotional equivalent of aversion; desire is the emotional equivalent of craving. Weakness of mind allows emotion to overpower and cause imbalance, thinking becomes distorted by desire causing obsessive thought about the subject. Weakness in the feeling body, allows mental activity to reduce its immense power to a battery to fuel thinking. The stronger the desire, the more it impacts upon the mind, interfering in the natural flow. Desire produces thoughts of craving and needing something or someone to be happy. There are always two ends in polar thinking, at one end is desire, at the other end is fear. Fear weighs down desire by producing thoughts of aversion, lack, or worry causing agitation.

The effect of dualism in man is caused by attachment to form. This results in the need to identify with thought form as ‘who I am’ and the associated likes and dislikes.

The world one experiences are the effect created by the scales of emotion and thought. The world exists to allow true Being to become conscious. It is a tough exterior to protect the seed of consciousness until it is ready to comply with universal law. The world created through emotion and thought reflects the soul’s state of consciousness.

There can be no premature ripening or cracking of the shell until the soul’s energy is a vibratory match for universal source energy.

Collette O’Mahony




The universe is represented in every one of its particles. It is the fluid consciousness of Being, the awareness of all phenomena that comes and goes. The material particle has the appearance of separateness but the consciousness consists of the whole. In other words, matter has a myriad of variations but the energy pervading all form is one unit. This energy is indivisible. Therefore, for a particle to achieve a separate identity, it must move its consciousness into that which gives energy the appearance of form. That which allows energy to pass into appearance is the mind.

Only a universal particle with free will can impose its consciousness unto the mind. Consciousness in the mind slows the vibration of energy and it becomes a stream of sound. The consciousness of the particle then has two distinct states of Being, one awareness of noise, the other is Being’s association with noise.

It is association that begets belief. Belief in noise in the mind causes identification. This noise then becomes self, and self-identification begins. The organising principle of the mind, intelligence, is used to make sense of noise. Thus noise is organised into thought. The primary thought is self or I, other thoughts are added to it by association. The self identifies with outer appearance as species, and also gender of species. The more thoughts added to the self, the denser it becomes until finally the original state of consciousness is usurped by the noisy self in the mind. Mental activity associates with physical form. The function of the mind is to allow energy to manifest as form. Mental activity identified with the thought form of me or I, adds layers of thinking to the self to make things ‘mine’. Thus begins a molecular structure of subject (self) and object (form).

Consciousness is energy aware of Being. Losing this awareness of Being by association with mental self, causes a subjective state. In this state, energy associates with a belief that it is separate from its complete Being. It formulates ideas according to its association with matter. Species, race, colour, gender, creed, nationality, along with individual tastes run according to one’s belief in a separate self.

Without the objectivity of conscious awareness, the subjective self organised by thought, annexes energy from the whole, and like air in a room that has been locked up too long, the energy becomes stale and musty. Only when the windows and doors are flung open between mind and consciousness can the energy liberated from the chamber of self breathe the truth of unity.

Subjective energy proceeds from the mind made self. Conscious energy proceeds from the whole. The former state associates with doing, the latter state is being.

Subjective self applies force to the mind to manifest or impress upon it what it wishes to have in the world of form. This is unity having an experience of separation.

Conscious energy allows the mind to organise and manifest according to universal intelligence. This is unity having an experience of variety.

The state of subjective self leads to extreme individualism and energy is used to power ideas that run contrary to the whole. In this, the energy becomes erratic and highly charged causing extreme disturbance in the mind, resulting in neurotic thinking. Annexed energy fuelling the separate self applies pressure to be released from the mind. The process of release is disassociation with form. The energy purifies by detaching from all ideas of self and I. It is through feelings and emotion that energy sheds its heavy armour of thought. Only fluid energy can pass through the mind and evaporate into original consciousness.

As free flowing energy, mind and spirit (Being) run parallel to each other. Each reflects the other and represents the other. This dual energy charge is the constituent of the universe. And it is for every one of its particles to be and be aware of this force within.


Collette O’Mahony



Subjective self

The world is produced by mind. The universal Mind is the intelligence that holds the earth and nature in balance. The world we perceive through our outer mind, or free will, depends on the lens we look through, for it is this lens which alters and shapes our experience in the world of form. The world represents the mind, and the mind reflects the consciousness of the soul, or Being. The Being is union, the mind gives variety and form to it. The form Being takes in this manifestation process is a particle of the universe. It is the presence of Being which seamlessly interweaves all particles in the whole. Thus it is with nature.  Man is a particle, and it is awareness of Being that keeps him connected to his greater universal whole. It is the Being and not the thought that is identical. Men wilfully use their mind to think about this or that. Thinking generally streams from the ‘I’ or self.

Self is the principle thought in the mind which derives from Being’s energy forced upon the mind. The resulting self is Being trapped in its own creation. The self is no more than fusion of ideas and thoughts resulting from attachment and association to matter. The only difference between men is their principle of association and attachment that arises from their place, race, family and learning.

The Being in some people is still conscious enough to know the voice in the head, that identifies itself as ‘’I’ or ‘me’, is a subjective state. The number of people waking up to this state is increasing all the time, however there are still more people completely identified with self, they have very little control over their thoughts because Being is in a sleeping state of consciousness.

Involuntary thought in a person leads to stress, anxiety, neurosis and psychosis. If these thoughts proceed unchecked action follows, resulting in crimes against fellow men. It is human laws, religion and conscience that keeps the self in check. Those souls who are aware of subjective self, trust the universal Laws to guide thought and action. The Law of Cause & Effect is inherent in all universal particles.

Men created artificial restraints such as government, society and judicial systems to control the destructive actions that result from extreme anarchistic self. Government reflects the mood and conscience of a nation. As the people of the nation matures so does its politics. History shows many nations who revolted against corrupt or despotic leaders in order to gain civil rights and a voice in government. Who we choose to represent us in affairs of state reflects how we choose to reflect our Being in matter. If we rage against our politicians’ methods and motives, we are in effect making a tirade against our subjective self and the restrictions imposed upon Being. The world reflects the self’s treatment of Being. The ‘I’ experiences life according to its relationship to Being and the universal whole.

Blame is a method employed by the subjective self to deflect responsibility. Blame and guilt are bedfellows. Guilt rouses blame so that it can sleep without feeling shame and remorse. Where there is blame, there is lack of responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond, or to feel, the effect that has been caused by thought and action stemming from subjective self.

Breaking the Law of Cause & Effect leads to an increased agitation in Being, this is reflected in the world one experiences. How we speak and act towards our fellow citizens is sufficient advertisement of the traits of self. Self-expression in an aware Being will spring from moral nature and adherence to universal laws. Self-expression in a sleeping consciousness will betray weakness that arises from involuntary thought.

Wilful force is the cause of falsity and misrepresents the true nature of Being. As in the singular so it is in the collective. Politicians can also misrepresent their constituents, governments their electorate. In our conscious state, we would not vote for a politician who dupes us, nor would we re-elect a government that oppresses our civil rights and freedom. The outer revolt of nations in history has become the inner revolt of consciousness aimed to topple the misrepresentative self.

The solar system, the nature of earth, the moon and tides do not require artificial laws. When Being is established as the true representative of man, it shall be reflected in acts of fairness and equality.

All the political revolts and civil right movements in the history of humanity stems from the soul of man’s aim to overthrow his dictatorial self. The advances of the soul are made by ascension of state. Political history is a record of man’s inner and outer evolution of consciousness in a linear time frame. The true aim of men is to establish moral victory over the tyrannical rule of separateness.



Collette O’Mahony




Being Natural

We are enchanted by nature. Her splendour bathes us in light and form. Perhaps it reminds us of our capability to create masterpieces, and, also of our inner poverty as we pay the price for robbing the mind of its true intelligence.

Through bodies, we penetrate this phenomenal beauty. Our senses allow us to rejoice in this original masterpiece, painted upon the earth by the universal mind.

If we allow the organising principle of intelligence to work through our mind, our true nature could establish a unique outlet for the rising sap of Being. Too many of us are grafted onto a rod of limitation and the yellow leaf falls before yielding any fruit. Truth is the stem of beauty.

If we behold beauty in nature, we are capable of recognising our inner beauty, we can also enable it to flourish by trusting the mind. Self-interest clouds the mind and limits creative potential. Allowing intelligence to flow through the mind brings forth the natural accompaniment to our inner beauty, in this state of allowing, we can accomplish creative wonders which embellish our lives and others who recognise the flowering of consciousness in all its splendour.

The mind is the agent through which works of beauty are published. The Being perceives beauty within and the mind reflects this in the world of matter.

As Beings, we can cooperate with the mind to create a magnum opus. Our true purpose will radiate from the heart and shall be reflected in the intelligence of the mind. This purpose will be represented in the world of form through our action. This inner harmony of mind and Being flows through the smallest of actions to the most grandiose of plans. The great natural plan requires willingness and allowance. Self-interest does not serve the true purpose of man. When our lives flow with pure source energy, we stand tall in the forest of men.

Allowance is the true force which activates natural formula of the mind. Pressured force through freewill may yield desired results for a time but it requires mental and emotional effort which eventually leads to stress and anxiety.

Pressured force on the mind creates an overlay on the true purpose of the soul, and it contains within it the foundation of its own destruction. If a field is paved over, eventually if left to its devices, nature will peep through, grass, shrubs and roots will eventually erode the paving until an archaeological dig may unearth it under the soil after some thousand years, assuming man still has interest in such things.

So, it is with the mind, if you allow its true nature to take hold, it will throw off the overlay and its organising principle, the intellect, will shine through and the true purpose will emerge into the world of form.

The Being of men is suspicious of the mind through its misuse. The applied force of will on the mind has resulted in a subjective self fuelled by stress and anxiety. This subjective self renders Being unconscious and mind immobile.

Through the suffering and pain caused by self-thought and self-activity, the natural properties of mind and Being eventually begin to erode it (the subjective self).

Being radiates from unity consciousness and activates mind’s unique plan. Being’s creative essence compliments Mind’s active essence to produce the highest achievements in man.

The nature of the mind is to act. Driven by the impulse of Being it shall propagate. It does not wait for argument or discussion, nor does it require applause at the performance.

The laws of nature are inclusive of all her species, man being one and the same.



Evolution of Thought

For several centuries it was believed that the earth was the centre of the universe. This theory of Ptolemy, whose work is believed to range from 120-180 A.D, remained unchallenged until the sixteenth century when Copernicus, a polish clergyman, proposed instead a plan in which the Sun, and not the earth, occupied the centre of the planetary system. Copernicus was well aware that his ideas would not meet with the approval of the Catholic Church. To regard the earth as anything but supreme would be to invite a charge of heresy. Prudently, Copernicus refused to publish his book, Concerning the Revolution of the Celestial Bodies, until the final stage of his life in 1543. His fears were founded in the total dominion of church rule at the time, and his book was placed on the Papal Index of forbidden books for almost three hundred years, until 1835.

The Italian mathematician Galileo Galilei followed on from Copernicus’ theories that the earth moves around the sun. However, he failed to provide definite proof of the Copernican system and he was summoned to Rome by the Inquisition in 1633. He was made to ‘abjure, curse and detest’ the absurd view that the earth moves around the Sun, he was kept under surveillance until he died nine years later. Galileo was the last scientist to be persecuted for teaching that the earth is an ordinary planet. In 1687 Isaac Newton published the Principia, in which he laid down the laws of gravitation and explained many other phenomena such as tides. Newton’s book ushered in the modern era of astronomy, and the revolution in human thought had arrived.

The ancients could make very little progress in understanding the Solar System, because they believed that the earth must lie at the centre of the universe, and as a result there was little progress in astronomy for fourteen-hundred years. Looking back it is easy to see how limited thought patterns obstruct the truth of what is right in front of our eyes, but fear of authority and law enforcement ensured that the large majority didn’t question the truth. Humanity has managed to evolve due to a minority of brave and enlightened individuals who spoke the truth of their convictions even if it meant being ostracised by society and the ruling body of the day. In many cases those considered to be heretics were put to death.

The acceptance of Newton’s Principia came about because of the previous works of Copernicus and Galileo amongst others, who paved the way for new truths of the universe to be revealed. Humanity needs pioneering souls who are not afraid to experiment with the truth. This is as true today as it was over four-hundred years ago.

Confinement of thought patterns comes from fear. Fear must be released before truth can be revealed. Fear limits a person’s understanding to knowledge that has been given through history, formal education, and media exposure; it is also handed down through generations in families. Many people live within the confines of second-hand knowledge, turning someone else’s beliefs into their own. This type of behaviour breeds fear, and the more fear that dwells within a person, the more defensive they become of their belief system. People are largely defined by their belief system which is out of harmony with the universal whole therefore it becomes an autonomous entity that lives through repetitive thought patterns, any attempt to expand or challenge these thoughts, within or without, brings distress to the individual. This entity exists only in the mind as me and my-self and it rules a person’s life experience through fear and desire.

The entity which each person refers to as my-self lives on the memory bank of humans, it continually refers to me and my story and uses light essence as an automated power supply to control and manipulate its environment and those therein. It ridicules any suggestion that it is the cause of any problems or difficulties it encounters. Blaming outer circumstances and others is a weapon employed by the mental entity. The entity referred to as my-self is slow to take responsibility for the effect it causes, therefore ignoring one of the principal universal laws, the Law of Cause and Effect.

For the soul to mature, the individual must follow the path of right thinking, navigating its way through the shadowy mental content of the egoic self. To rise above thought is the next stage in humanity’s progression to universal intelligence. To achieve this each soul must learn to trust in the Higher Intelligence that governs the universe. Human intelligence as a whole is currently restricted by memory and concepts, this narrow way of thinking causes polarity and sets humanity adrift from the totality of the universe. Thought fragments truth and blinds humanity from seeing Reality.
Paradoxically, because of humanity’s reliance on thinking, global thought patterns need to be restructured to align with universal intelligence.

Once ‘right-thinking’ is established on a collective scale, old thought patterns which promote greed and violence will begin to fade, until eventually all fearful thought patterns crumble to reveal the truth. Each human needs to take responsibility for his or her life experiences, eradicating blame and victimisation from thought patterns. As an increasing number of humans accept that their thoughts, words and actions are the cause, and the world the effect, humanity as a whole will start to reap the benefits. The thought patterns that have severely restricted humanity’s understanding of the universe will give way to more beneficial thoughts, until eventually thought is no longer necessary.

The works of great astronomers and scientists shall rise in unison with the works of the great spiritual masters to provide a rounded view of the universe. The real truth of the universe can only be felt in the soul of each human, but the pioneering work of astronomers and scientists leads humanity back to the beginning of time and to the soul’s remembrance of its origin.

Extract from book ‘Science of the Soul’ by Collette OMahony


Reflections at Tso-pema Lake

The lake is green with floating death, it is devoid of oxygen. Any remaining fish gasp for air on the surface of their overpopulated habitat. They are dying from the hand that seeks redemption by the shores of this sacred lake. At the water’s edge, superstition abounds as handfuls of biscuits are cast into the open mouths of the bloated inhabitants, unaware, or perhaps uninterested, in the pile of dead fish floating on the surface and lying in piles by the lake’s edge. As the bearer throws handfuls of food into the lake in the hope of blessings for doing a good deed, the effect on the lake’s environment is catastrophic.
The legacy of superstition is ignorance. As the mind narrows to incorporate its own beliefs, it becomes blind to the consequences of its action. However, the laws of karma do not adhere to human logic. By association, innocent creatures pay for the actions of the ignorant mind. Our polluted minds lead to a polluted environment.
We must take responsibility for all our actions. We cannot blame another for our misfortunes, as all calamities are the result of past deeds. As a human species, we are all in this together. We are the cause and we must face the consequence of the effect… on our fellow man, our fellow creatures and our environment. Cause & Effect, this is the law of karma.
Impatience is the enemy of wisdom, it impels us to judge and condemn, and it forces us into rash conclusions, rather than attaining true understanding and compassion. We must nurture patience within ourselves and with our fellow man if we are to move beyond the prejudice, fear and superstitions that cause to act in a way that is harmful to others and our environment.
The fish at Tso-pema Lake are dying from lack of oxygen. This lack is due to overpopulation. Overpopulation is a result of overfeeding by pilgrims and tourists who believe feeding the fish in this sacred lake shall bring them blessings. These belief systems are a result of deep conditioning in the mind of man.
It is time to rise above our conditioned minds and limited belief structures, and listen to the nature of our hearts, our souls and our minds. Our environment and its creatures are crying out to our species to take care of it, to bring an end to pollution and destruction. To achieve this we must evolve into a species that are fully awake and fully conscious.
The time has come for the evolution of human consciousness.

~ Collette O’Mahony


Tso-pema Lake, Rewalser, India

Tso-pema Lake, Rewalser, India