Subjective self

The world is produced by mind. The universal Mind is the intelligence that holds the earth and nature in balance. The world we perceive through our outer mind, or free will, depends on the lens we look through, for it is this lens which alters and shapes our experience in the world of form. The world represents the mind, and the mind reflects the consciousness of the soul, or Being. The Being is union, the mind gives variety and form to it. The form Being takes in this manifestation process is a particle of the universe. It is the presence of Being which seamlessly interweaves all particles in the whole. Thus it is with nature.  Man is a particle, and it is awareness of Being that keeps him connected to his greater universal whole. It is the Being and not the thought that is identical. Men wilfully use their mind to think about this or that. Thinking generally streams from the ‘I’ or self.

Self is the principle thought in the mind which derives from Being’s energy forced upon the mind. The resulting self is Being trapped in its own creation. The self is no more than fusion of ideas and thoughts resulting from attachment and association to matter. The only difference between men is their principle of association and attachment that arises from their place, race, family and learning.

The Being in some people is still conscious enough to know the voice in the head, that identifies itself as ‘’I’ or ‘me’, is a subjective state. The number of people waking up to this state is increasing all the time, however there are still more people completely identified with self, they have very little control over their thoughts because Being is in a sleeping state of consciousness.

Involuntary thought in a person leads to stress, anxiety, neurosis and psychosis. If these thoughts proceed unchecked action follows, resulting in crimes against fellow men. It is human laws, religion and conscience that keeps the self in check. Those souls who are aware of subjective self, trust the universal Laws to guide thought and action. The Law of Cause & Effect is inherent in all universal particles.

Men created artificial restraints such as government, society and judicial systems to control the destructive actions that result from extreme anarchistic self. Government reflects the mood and conscience of a nation. As the people of the nation matures so does its politics. History shows many nations who revolted against corrupt or despotic leaders in order to gain civil rights and a voice in government. Who we choose to represent us in affairs of state reflects how we choose to reflect our Being in matter. If we rage against our politicians’ methods and motives, we are in effect making a tirade against our subjective self and the restrictions imposed upon Being. The world reflects the self’s treatment of Being. The ‘I’ experiences life according to its relationship to Being and the universal whole.

Blame is a method employed by the subjective self to deflect responsibility. Blame and guilt are bedfellows. Guilt rouses blame so that it can sleep without feeling shame and remorse. Where there is blame, there is lack of responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond, or to feel, the effect that has been caused by thought and action stemming from subjective self.

Breaking the Law of Cause & Effect leads to an increased agitation in Being, this is reflected in the world one experiences. How we speak and act towards our fellow citizens is sufficient advertisement of the traits of self. Self-expression in an aware Being will spring from moral nature and adherence to universal laws. Self-expression in a sleeping consciousness will betray weakness that arises from involuntary thought.

Wilful force is the cause of falsity and misrepresents the true nature of Being. As in the singular so it is in the collective. Politicians can also misrepresent their constituents, governments their electorate. In our conscious state, we would not vote for a politician who dupes us, nor would we re-elect a government that oppresses our civil rights and freedom. The outer revolt of nations in history has become the inner revolt of consciousness aimed to topple the misrepresentative self.

The solar system, the nature of earth, the moon and tides do not require artificial laws. When Being is established as the true representative of man, it shall be reflected in acts of fairness and equality.

All the political revolts and civil right movements in the history of humanity stems from the soul of man’s aim to overthrow his dictatorial self. The advances of the soul are made by ascension of state. Political history is a record of man’s inner and outer evolution of consciousness in a linear time frame. The true aim of men is to establish moral victory over the tyrannical rule of separateness.



Collette O’Mahony




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