Being Natural

We are enchanted by nature. Her splendour bathes us in light and form. Perhaps it reminds us of our capability to create masterpieces, and, also of our inner poverty as we pay the price for robbing the mind of its true intelligence.

Through bodies, we penetrate this phenomenal beauty. Our senses allow us to rejoice in this original masterpiece, painted upon the earth by the universal mind.

If we allow the organising principle of intelligence to work through our mind, our true nature could establish a unique outlet for the rising sap of Being. Too many of us are grafted onto a rod of limitation and the yellow leaf falls before yielding any fruit. Truth is the stem of beauty.

If we behold beauty in nature, we are capable of recognising our inner beauty, we can also enable it to flourish by trusting the mind. Self-interest clouds the mind and limits creative potential. Allowing intelligence to flow through the mind brings forth the natural accompaniment to our inner beauty, in this state of allowing, we can accomplish creative wonders which embellish our lives and others who recognise the flowering of consciousness in all its splendour.

The mind is the agent through which works of beauty are published. The Being perceives beauty within and the mind reflects this in the world of matter.

As Beings, we can cooperate with the mind to create a magnum opus. Our true purpose will radiate from the heart and shall be reflected in the intelligence of the mind. This purpose will be represented in the world of form through our action. This inner harmony of mind and Being flows through the smallest of actions to the most grandiose of plans. The great natural plan requires willingness and allowance. Self-interest does not serve the true purpose of man. When our lives flow with pure source energy, we stand tall in the forest of men.

Allowance is the true force which activates natural formula of the mind. Pressured force through freewill may yield desired results for a time but it requires mental and emotional effort which eventually leads to stress and anxiety.

Pressured force on the mind creates an overlay on the true purpose of the soul, and it contains within it the foundation of its own destruction. If a field is paved over, eventually if left to its devices, nature will peep through, grass, shrubs and roots will eventually erode the paving until an archaeological dig may unearth it under the soil after some thousand years, assuming man still has interest in such things.

So, it is with the mind, if you allow its true nature to take hold, it will throw off the overlay and its organising principle, the intellect, will shine through and the true purpose will emerge into the world of form.

The Being of men is suspicious of the mind through its misuse. The applied force of will on the mind has resulted in a subjective self fuelled by stress and anxiety. This subjective self renders Being unconscious and mind immobile.

Through the suffering and pain caused by self-thought and self-activity, the natural properties of mind and Being eventually begin to erode it (the subjective self).

Being radiates from unity consciousness and activates mind’s unique plan. Being’s creative essence compliments Mind’s active essence to produce the highest achievements in man.

The nature of the mind is to act. Driven by the impulse of Being it shall propagate. It does not wait for argument or discussion, nor does it require applause at the performance.

The laws of nature are inclusive of all her species, man being one and the same.



4 thoughts on “Being Natural

  1. Sandra Wallace

    Oh how I have missed you and your thoughts so true to nature and from within. I have had you inside my head for days on end and last night I thought I must do some research to find out how and what you were working on then your blog arrives today … my delight is enormous ! Lots of love and shining light, Sandra X

    1. colletteom Post author

      Hi Sandra, thank you so much for your feedback. I truly appreciate it. I am working on a new book and essays. I will share extracts from time to time on WordPress. Much love, Collette x

  2. David Ashley

    Wonderful and poignant. Always love your universal flow writing Collette. I hope you are well. I think you are..:) where are you these days? x On 9 Apr 2017 09:27, “Collette OMahony (Author’s blog)” wrote:

    > colletteom posted: “We are enchanted by nature. Her splendour bathes us in > light and form. Perhaps it reminds us of our capability to create > masterpieces, and, also of our inner poverty as we pay the price for > robbing the mind of its true intelligence. Through bodies, we pe” >


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