love bw

Love is life
Love is unity
Love is one
Love is purity

Love is true
Love is sublime
Love is now
Love is Divine


Love clears pain
Love clears fear
Love clears doubt
Love clears tears

Love is misread
Love is misused
Love is mistaken
Love is abused

Love needs no thing
Love needs no cry
Love needs no bugle
Love needs no reply

Love never grows cold
Love never grows weary
Love never gets old
Love never gets bleary

Love sees no strangers
Love is never alone
Love sees no dangers
Love is always at Home

Love has no boundaries, turrets or wall
Love has no favourites, welcoming all
Love is no fantasy and needs no parade
Love is no odyssey and needs no charade

Love is freedom out on a wing
Love is not bought by material things
Love is true union before the world came
Love clouded over to cover man’s shame

Love’s sweet surrender shall awaken the mind
Love’s true remembrance, will history unwind
Love shall restore the truth that was lost
Love shall replenish the earth’s human cost

Love in its truth shall cause celebration
Love shall bring the soul’s revelation
Love shall not mourn the passing of time
Love shall erupt through infinity lines

Love is to light, what woman’s to man
Love includes both of them in the plan
Love is the spirit that partners the mind
Love rejoices as true partners entwine

Love is eternal
Love is the Lamb
Love is the kernel
Love is I AM

Poem from ‘REFLECTIONS OF LOVE & LIGHT’ by Collette OMahony

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