What would Love do?

At the core of our human journey is the relationship between our inner masculine & feminine energies. When our inner masculine & feminine are out of balance, we yearn for wholeness. As long as we have human bodies we must acknowledge the desires of the flesh, however by treating our sexuality with respect we come to realize our outer gender is but half of the whole soul unit. When we identify completely with our physical gender we create a deep longing for the opposite gender manifesting as sexual desire.

As we grow in soul maturity and our consciousness expands, any under developed energy in our psyche tugs at our hearts and minds.

This energy will be reflected in a soul mirror, a person who comes into our life in order to raise the frequencies of both souls. A soul mirror can exhilarate and frustrate us. He/she can find knots of energy that have remained dormant for decades, even lifetimes. They enter our life to share information and experiences that enhance our journey and give us the feeling of moving into the wholeness that embraces our soul and frees our consciousness.

It is important to establish clear and honest communication, to honour the others living reality, and to practice patience and kindness. We must remember we are also acting as mirrors for other souls. We need to allow the other to expand and grow into their full potential without judgement or expectation. If in doubt ask yourself the question ‘What would Love do?’

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