Inner Twin Consciousness

Union between our inner feminine and inner masculine creates a harmony which endures beyond external circumstances. This inner balance is not a fantasy state where we stop engaging in, and nourishing external physical relationships. Rather we bring our inner fulfilment to a relationship. We no longer rely on others for our wholeness. We share this with them and do not place ownership on them. All souls require freedom to grow and be.

Mind is the formless energetic level of masculine energy. Spirit is the formless energetic level of feminine energy. On the super conscious level, masculine is Light and feminine is Love.

When imbalanced, one side will dominate our personality and the other side remains underdeveloped in our psyche. This results from our identification with the human form. As we become aware of our need to balance our twin energies, the under developed side will show up as lovers in our day & night time dreams, and as a result our longings increase. Certain individuals you come in contact with remind you of your under-developed side or inner lover. This under developed side shines through when another person reflects it. When this happens, you feel exhilarated, because it reminds you of your original love. The human vessel is still adapting to channeling high radiant love and it is a challenge to raise it beyond the lower chakras. It is frustrating when love is objectified and there is a need for the physical outer lover to complete us. Our intention to grow as conscious beings is paramount in helping us to discern those who serve as messengers for the inner twin consciousness, from the true twin consciousness in human form. We cannot fully embrace our inner lover or undeveloped side in the psyche until we stop projecting illusion and fantasy onto the outer lovers. When we put our intention to harmonize our twin energy at the core of our being, our inner lover will become clear and manifest outwardly in the appropriate way.

~ Collette OMahony

couple inwater

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