Fortitude and Longing

Fortitude meets Longing
On the road to despair
Perilous dreams narrow the path
They stumble and fall
And plead for a guide
They meet Mercy who leads them
To the boundary of hope
Longing desires a name and a face
Fortitude dreams of perfection and grace
Dreamers on a desert land
Waking to an oasis of truth
From vast planes of illusion
A mirage of uncertainty lies heavily
Upon the crown of Longing
A shadow falls like a question mark
Across the path of Fortitude
Both remember
Both forget
Longing becomes Fulfilment
Fortitude evaporates into air…
And Fulfilment breathes deeply
Exhaling Love on despair

~ Collette OMahony

Salvador Dali

Image; Salvador Dali

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