Love’s alter ego

The polarisation of Love causes a split resulting in desire & fear. Desire is Love’s alter ego, and fear is its protagonist. Souls who have lost connection to source energy, forget their true nature as Love, and instead opt for desire as a substitute. The soul’s truest calling is to give & receive love unconditionally. Trapped in form, the human wants to desire and be desired.

Confusion arises from the constant emotional surge between desire & fear. The confusion of Love with desire is the root cause of suffering, and perpetuates the imbalance between masculine & feminine energy. The emotional cost of desire is fear, possessiveness & jealousy. Desire is seeking to fulfil itself in the future, where Love is a fantasy. Souls locked in this altered state believe they are seeking Love, but are actually chasing desire and fantasy.

The soul trapped in form unwittingly becomes a slave to the whims of desire & fear. It identifies with its alter ego.

However, the choice for the soul is simple… Do I want desire, or do I choose Love?

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