Reflections at Tso-pema Lake

The lake is green with floating death, it is devoid of oxygen. Any remaining fish gasp for air on the surface of their overpopulated habitat. They are dying from the hand that seeks redemption by the shores of this sacred lake. At the water’s edge, superstition abounds as handfuls of biscuits are cast into the open mouths of the bloated inhabitants, unaware, or perhaps uninterested, in the pile of dead fish floating on the surface and lying in piles by the lake’s edge. As the bearer throws handfuls of food into the lake in the hope of blessings for doing a good deed, the effect on the lake’s environment is catastrophic.
The legacy of superstition is ignorance. As the mind narrows to incorporate its own beliefs, it becomes blind to the consequences of its action. However, the laws of karma do not adhere to human logic. By association, innocent creatures pay for the actions of the ignorant mind. Our polluted minds lead to a polluted environment.
We must take responsibility for all our actions. We cannot blame another for our misfortunes, as all calamities are the result of past deeds. As a human species, we are all in this together. We are the cause and we must face the consequence of the effect… on our fellow man, our fellow creatures and our environment. Cause & Effect, this is the law of karma.
Impatience is the enemy of wisdom, it impels us to judge and condemn, and it forces us into rash conclusions, rather than attaining true understanding and compassion. We must nurture patience within ourselves and with our fellow man if we are to move beyond the prejudice, fear and superstitions that cause to act in a way that is harmful to others and our environment.
The fish at Tso-pema Lake are dying from lack of oxygen. This lack is due to overpopulation. Overpopulation is a result of overfeeding by pilgrims and tourists who believe feeding the fish in this sacred lake shall bring them blessings. These belief systems are a result of deep conditioning in the mind of man.
It is time to rise above our conditioned minds and limited belief structures, and listen to the nature of our hearts, our souls and our minds. Our environment and its creatures are crying out to our species to take care of it, to bring an end to pollution and destruction. To achieve this we must evolve into a species that are fully awake and fully conscious.
The time has come for the evolution of human consciousness.

~ Collette O’Mahony


Tso-pema Lake, Rewalser, India

Tso-pema Lake, Rewalser, India

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