Emotions are the mind's  best counselor

Feelings on a low vibration must be released through the body. Waiting for feelings to erupt through egoic stories aggravates the feeling body into anger and aggression. The feeling body is the true counselor for the mind. If a thought is disharmonious with the universe, the feeling body will correspond to that.
We live in the residual outcome of feeling and thought. How we feel and think now determines what we are going to experience in physical reality.
The physical reality that occurs now is the outcome of previous thoughts and feelings. We must accept what is now. We cannot change it. But we can shift our attitude and feeling so that the physical reality we are moving into improves. The more one focuses on feeling good the more good things come.
When we accept there is nothing we can do about what is occurring now we can shift our focus to how we feel. Feeling is the energy level that determines physical reality. If feeling is constantly stuck in a groove of low vibration it continually attracts corresponding thought. When these low feelings and thoughts habitually play out in physical reality we identify the congealed energies as my story.
Concentrate on feeling and allow Higher Self to manifest conditions that bring us back into alignment with universal source energy. If current circumstances are causing stress and unhappiness, feel those feelings that respond to how things are. By feeling the energy it breaks the habit of attracting more low frequency thoughts that keep you stuck in an unsatisfactory life experience.
When feeling is allowed expression it will not habitually attract egoic thought that binds you to an unhappy life experience. Allow the feeling to be as it is now. As the feeling releases its energy charge it rises up to higher vibratory levels. It then attracts higher thoughts that combine to manifest increased vitality and zest for life. In turn the higher feelings respond to happier thoughts and you experience a more fulfilling life.

An extract from e-book ‘In Quest of Love’ by Collette OMahony

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