Taking Responsibility

The more I move through life, the more I realise it reflects the moods and currents of my being. I have been through a range of emotions from elation to depression, sometimes all in one day. I have employed the usual tools to avoid owning my moods; deflection onto others, avoidance, projection and blame. It was when I finally chose to take full responsibility for my emotions that I regained my power. It was nauseating at first to see how I created my own misery and unhappiness, but it was also liberating to realise that if I was the cause of the problem, the power was with me to change and with no one else.

10989174_619533101525713_3631526099471123066_n[1]From then on if I was in a foul mood; I said ‘I am the problem’. It stopped me from projecting onto those around me and forced me to look at my behaviour patterns and make the changes I need in order to emerge from the debris of several generations who continually blame each other for their problems. Being responsible for my happiness is the best choice I ever made.