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Social & Cultural Myths

As we take time to access the truth of who we really are and dispel fear within ourselves, we can start to dissolve the negative patterns in our society. By doing this we can deconstruct the combined ego that has caused so much confusion, suffering and conflict on a global scale. As more and more people tap into their own source of love and channel it into the world, the world will cease to be governed by fear. Instead all of our actions, personally and collectively, will be governed by love.
When you step back and look at the bigger picture, you can see that taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions can benefit the world around you. Your new sense of freedom and self acceptance will inspire those with whom you come into contact. As the people around you begin to take responsibility for their life, they will reach out and inspire even more people. This is how your actions can have a positive knock on effect in the world. Individuals with the most negative mind sets will have to change as the majority of people connect into their own energy source. The exchange of energy between people will be based on love and not fear. Continue reading