Soul Therapy

For several years I have connected with people beyond their current stories, hopes, fears and lifestyle choices. I have the ability to connect to the soul voice within the person that is more often than not, drowned out by the thoughts and narrative that come from ego.

People come to me through word of mouth to see if I can help them unravel their true inner voice from that of the noisy self made ego. It is always challenging for the soul to find its voice amid the suppression and aggression of ego (the idea of who we think we are) and find the truth. The truth will set you free, but first it must tear down the walls built over several years of conditioned thinking. I can help you begin your healing journey to true self discovery, dismantling the ego brick by brick until there are no barriers, only the radiance of your beautiful Self.

Contact me for a session

I offer up to one hour sessions WhatsApp video call. (Skype can also be arranged)

UK +44 7554 918 714

Blocks of twenty minute sessions are £15, up to one hour at £45.

(Minimum forty minutes for first video call – £30)


Soul Therapy session

£15 per 20 mins (*Minimum forty minutes for first video call - £30)