IQL titles 1In Quest of Love is a powerful pointer in the direction of emotional maturity and fulfilment. It shows the reader how to positively change their life by resetting outdated beliefs held in the subconscious mind. Until you resolve your relationship with yourself, you can never be fully in a relationship with another. It is by putting your true self at the centre of your world that you can give up the need to be rescued and achieve full responsibility for your life. When you allow love to be at your centre, it flourishes in you. When love flourishes in you, it flourishes around you.

In Quest of Love is a manual to make the most out of life, regardless of age, current relationships, status or any other labels that restrict growth and development.



Rainbow Lights


Book I front cover titles NEWBook I – The Soul Globe follows the progression of a soul seeking to remember its light origin by taking a series of human journeys on the earth plane. The story is told from both the human and soul perspective. At the end of each sojourn in human form, the soul globe returns to the Rainbow Lights to reflect on its journey thus far. It gathers wisdom and expands its inner light through its experiences with other soul globes on the earth plane. The soul globe moves through the seven colours of the rainbow on its evolutionary cycle into wholeness. Each human lifetime throws up challenges and opportunities for soul expansion and awareness.


Book II front cover NEW

Book II – The Globe of Light is the story of an evolved soul who returns to earth. The Globe takes human form and is the masculine aspect of a Globe of Love & Light.

The Globe of Light is one of a group of one-hundred and forty-four evolved globes who have come to earth to create a Matrix of Light. The Matrix of Light is the plan designed by Universal Power & Intelligence to bring humanity into alignment with their true Reality as cosmic globes of love & light. The evolved globes channel immense cosmic energy in accordance with the universal plan, bringing healing and love into a world lost in an illusion of separation.


Globe of Love kindleBook III – The Globe of Love is the third book in the trilogy ‘The Rainbow Lights’. It follows the journey of the feminine aspect of the Globe of Love & Light, as it moves through several human forms to attain full consciousness. The female aspect of the whole globe essence is Love. Through polarisation of masculine and feminine energies on the earth plane, it becomes separated from the masculine energy (Light) and it has to move through a spectrum of lifetimes in human form to regain consciousness and reunite with the masculine essence in human form. When she attains consciousness, she supports the evolved masculine in creating a Matrix of Light on the earth plane.

Soul in words cover 1The Soul in Words is a book of poetry and free verse written by the soul as it goes on an emotional journey to unveil its mysteries. Stillness enables the soul to connect with Universal Intelligence and express its truth in words, allowing the soul to assert its true place in the hearts and minds of Man. This book is an autobiography of the soul.

Poetry is the soul in words.  The soul’s language is truth; this is a vibration that resonates in the heart of all sentient beings. Poetry does not require explanation, it is a feeling within. Poetry is a universal language that is understood in the heart of any nature open enough to receive it.


Reflections 4

Reflections of Love & Light is a collection of twelve poems with twelve corresponding pieces of prose. These poems and prose reflect the relationship between masculine and feminine energy in humans, and the synergistic relationship between universal power & intelligence. The poetry vibrates with the power of love and this is reflected in prose with the light of intelligence.

Reflections of Love & Light encourages harmony between the twin vibrations of masculine and feminine within the soul.




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